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Hey everyone! It's a me! Morfin! Just to let you all know of a little twitle something... I'm traveling to Japan in one day! So in order to properly work and prepare everything, and including the time I'll be there, I'll have to be out of deviantart for two weeks! But don't hate me! Please! I'll go back with pictures and stories like last year! Plus! I'm going with my best friend there, and let me say to you that'll be epic stories with us two! Like last year, I leave you all with a gift for my friend, Michael Goldenheart's birthday! Some of you like the one from last time, so I hope you'll like this one! Especialy you, bro.
By the way, other news! just so you remember, I'm always open to request. And the final version of my Fanfic video review is done! All that is left is the recording and all the other thing that take me too much time... Anyway! I'll be back soon with awsome new chapters and stories! (Yes, I'll try to write a little while I'm in Japan.)

Wish you all a good day (or night) and see you in two weeks!
Do you remember my last year's gift ? It was a first kiss. How about another first?

Note : Before anything. I know I'm posting it a little too early, but like last year, I go traveling in...2 days from now... Yep, I'm writing it in kind of a hurry...
So, my little Michael... I hope you have a wonderful day! And that you'll have a happy birthday! Remember who you are, and never stop being awesome bro!

GG University 2

We are just the day after their first date, the classes were about to start. Michael and Martin began with their only common lessons : Philosophy.
Martin started the conversation, “So, she fell for you or what?” he asked with a big smile, expecting a positive answer.
Michael smiled too and answered, “Well, yes, you expected her to resist my charm?”
Martin laughed and lifted his fist for Michael to bump it. They fist bumped while Martin cheered “Yeah! That's how you do it!”. His loud cheer was calmed down by a familiar voice.
“What could make you so happy, mister Shinestone?” They looked at its origin, it was a man, about 40/50 years old, with a yellow shirt and brown pants.
Martin was about to answer, but his friend did it before.
“Sorry Rex, it's just he's really happy I found a girlfriend.”
“Really? It was time you did Michael.” mocked Rex, “Let's begin the class shall we? Martin could cheer after the lesson, alright?”
As Rex made his way to the door and let the students enter the classroom, Martin was baffled, “Why did you call him Rex?”
“Because it's his name, Rex Finch...” simply answered Michael.
“I know, but why do you call him by his name?”
“I never told you? He helped me enter this university.”
“Seriously? That's rare. He must have saw you as a chosen one or something.”
Michael simply smiled as they sat down and the lesson began.

Three hours after, it was time for them to eat. They joined up with Viconia and Elsa. Minerva wasn't here because she didn't had any lesson that day.
Exceptionally, they had a free afternoon, Martin and Viconia had some shopping to do. Leaving Elsa and Michael alone.
After walking for a while, Micheal was always checking for something in his pocket. Intrigued, Elsa asked him, “What are you always checking like that?”
Michael didn't said a thing, he took a big breath, got on one knee, and presented Elsa his hand.
Opening it, he asked “Elsa, will you go to Disney land with me next week?” opening his hand and letting see two tickets.
Putting her hand on her mouth, Elsa tried to stay as serious a possible, getting down at Michael's level, she kissed him. Freeing her lips, she whispered to him, “Of course, stud muffin.”
As they got up, Michael smiled, “Stud muffin?”.
“Like it? It's a nickname I gave you.”
“I like it... Snow bunny.”
Elsa smiled and hugged Michael “I love you.”
“Love you too.”

The week after, Michael and Elsa were both ready for their trip. Michael picked Elsa up in front of her house. What a mouth drop he did when he saw his love in a blue dress, her blond hairs in her typical braid. She entered his car, “You okay dear?” she asked him.
Finally closing his mouth, he answered, “Yes, I... You're just... stunning.” blushing a little.
Elsa chuckled and said, blushing, “You're quite elegant too... I mean, this shirt goes well with those perfect muscles of yours.” finishing her sentence, kissing him.
“Well, my queen, are you ready for a ride?”
“That's a little quick here, let's go for Disney first.”
“You got me... Alright! Swift Justice on the way!”
Elsa immediately laughed, “That name you give your car will always make me laugh I think.” regaining composure, she kissed Michael's cheek and continued “But that's cute.”
All the way to Disney, they talked about name they could give to items... among other things.

Finally inside the amusement park, they had a wonderful day, full of roller-coasters and funny attractions, but the fateful moment approached for Michael... the moment of the 'rivière enchantée'.
Sitting in the boat, Elsa asked Michael, “You never did the 'rivière enchantée'? Seriously?”
“No, but let's give it a try... even through Martin said it was the devil's lair in here...”
“Don't be stressed, it's just a cute ride. Satan is not waiting for you in here.”
And so Michael's sanity was now at risk.
The boat began, entering the tunnel, dolls began to sing the song of insanity as the moved with creepiness.
Some minutes passed, and the boat stopped, Michael had both eyes open wide, little twitch on the left one. Getting out the boat, he take his hand on his forehead.
“You okay?” asked Elsa.
“Yeah, it's nothing... just my sanity who got lost.”
“Who is the guy? Who had this idea? And how can YOU resist it's power?”
“Don't overreact.” laughed Elsa.
“Ha! Please! I need a new ride at the Pirates of the Caribbean...”
“Alright Drama Queen, you've earned it, brave man.” she mocked.
“Thank you! I have been trained by the best you know?”
Elsa laughed, “And who could this be?”.
“Myself, who else?” Proudly said Michael, pointing at himself.
“Well then, tell your master that he's handsome.”
“He kiss you, snow bunny.” he answered, kissing Elsa's cheek.
Kissing his lips, she said, “You're welcome, stud muffin.”
After the pirates, Michael felt himself ready for the final.
A dangerous walk through a maze, full of psychopath cards, and other dangers, the couple finally arrived at their goal : The Sword In The Stone.
“Arghieheheg!” was pretty much what Michael said, red like a tomato, hands sweating on the sword's handle.
“You know that sword is especially made to be kept in this stone, right?”
Catching his breath, Michael answered, “...One last try! I felt it move a little, seconds ago.” And he tried again, pulling with all his strength.
Against all odds, the sword began to move, and finally, he pulled it out of the stone.
Raising it high in the air, he smiled “Haha!” and then, pointed the sword on Elsa, “Never give up!” he added, before warning everyone, “My arms are fully numb now!” and dropped the sword.
He got on one knee and massaged his tired arms. He heard the sound of the sword and felt it being pressed against his left shoulder. “I dubs thee, Sir Michael Goldenheart, knight of the galactic guardian order.”
Michael decided to play the game and solemnly asked, “It is an honor, my queen.” getting up, he pressed his closed fist on his heart, “I'm at your service, what are your orders?”.
Putting the sword back in the stone next to her, Elsa just looked at him and said, “Just kiss me already!” leaping in his arms. They kissed in front of all the people, mouth agape to see that the sword managed to be pulled out.
Unfortunately, Michael was not crowned kind of Disney Land, but him and Elsa got the right to have a picture of them, holding the sword. Said picture was going to be close to the sword, in order to prove everyone that this sword can be pulled out.
They day was almost done, all that they needed to do now, was a quick walk to captain Hook's ship. Approaching the ship's wheel, they hold hands, looking at a blue sky with little clouds in it. Soon gazing in each others eyes, they shared a kiss of true love. Their time at Disney was up.
Regaining the Swift Justice, Michael begged of Elsa to drive, as his arms felt weak.

Well folks, it's the end of this GG university 2! Hope you'll like it Mike! Happy birthday! Keep your awesomeness like it is, and remember that I'll be there for you!
My second gift for Michael's birthday
Hey everyone! I'm here for an early birthday gift for my friend :iconmichael-goldenheart:
Happy birthday bro! Hope you'll like my early present!
As the link between Elsa and the Dragon faded, Elsa covered her mouth, like she was trying to prevent something to come out of it. Turning over, she shouted like she was puking, “Fus!” and a powerful chockwave came out.
“You feel okay?” Asked Aleena, rubbing Elsa's back.
“Yes, I... Feel weird... The word on the wall back in the temple... I understand it now... but why? How?”
Fenrir barked in response.
“He's right... you are Dragonborn... That's why we managed to kill the Dragon... That's why you now understand the word... Only Dragonborn can learn shouts that easily.” said Aleena as she helped her friend to get up. “Let's report to the Jarl, finish our mission, we'll think and talk after this is over.” she added. Elsa nodded in approval and they escaped before the guards could ask anything.
Close to Whiterun's gates, they heard four voices shout “Do-Vah-Kiin!” echoing in the distance.
Elsa began “What the-”
“Let's keep on our road.” cut Aleena.
Without anymore words the trio made their way to Dragonsreach. Entering in, they saw the Jarl speaking with his steward and another man.
Approaching the throne, they overheard their conversation.
“You heard the shouting... What else could it be?” said the unknown man.
Now close to the throne, the steward saw them. “Ha, you're here, the Jarl want to talk to you.”
“What happened at the Guard tower?” asked the Jarl.
Elsa spoke up, “The tower is destroyed, but the Dragon is slain.”
“I knew I could count on Irileth. Is there anything else?”
Elsa bit her lips as Aleena talked, “My comrade... might be Dragonborn.”
“What?!” exclaimed the Jarl. “What do you know about the Dragonborn.”
Aleena was about to answer, but Elsa did it faster, “All I know is that I was able to deal the final hit, and after that, I just... A link between me and the Dragon formed... I felt like some of his knowledge was infused in me...”
All the court was quiet for a moment, but the Jarl broke the silence, “So, it is you that the Greybeards were calling.”
“Greybeards?” wondered Elsa.
“Didn't you hear the shout? It was the Greybeards, asking you to come to the High Hrothgar.” said the man.
“You have to go there. But before all, I have to thank you two-” Began the Jarl, but he got interrupted by Fenrir's bark of disapproval. “You three...” he corrected himself before getting up and clearing his throat, “I, Jarl Balgruf of Whiterun, give to you... hum...” The Jarl felt himself embarrassed as he didn't know the names of the heroes of Whiterun.
Elsa felt it and spoke, “I'm Elsa. This is Aleena, and Fenrir”.
“I, give to you, Aleena, the title of Thane of Whiterun. And to you Elsa, I offer you Breezehome, one of the finest house in town.” the Jarl sat down and finished, “I'm sorry, I have things to take care of.”
The two girls bid farewell to the court. They approached the castle's doors when a nord woman in steel armor approached them. “I'm Lydia. The Jarl asked of me to be your huscarl, it's an honor to meet you, my Jarl.” she bowed.
“What?” said Aleena.
“Well, you're Thane, you need a huscarl to protect you, and your belongings, that huscarl is me.”
“So, we're four now... we begin to look like an army...” said Elsa.
“Not that much...” said Aleena.
“What you mean?” asked Elsa as they finally exited the building.
“I can't go with you to the High Hrothgar...”
“What?! Why?” snapped Elsa.
“Only the Dragonborn and the Greybeards are allowed in the temple... And I can't wait for you outside of it.”
“So you leave me here?! I don't even know how to access the place!”
“I'll show it on your map. Please understand that I can't travel with you on this one...”
Elsa growled in frustration while walking her way away from the others.
“Elsa!” cried Aleena. Looking at Fenrir, she said “Follow her, and lead her to her destination, please.” Showing the way on her map to him. He barked and departed.
“Is it... going to be okay?” asked Lydia.
“Yeah, follow me, I got business to take care of.” Answered Aleena, motioning to Lydia to follow her.

Point Of View of Elsa.
I can't believe it! Leaving me like that. ''I can't go with you...'' You don't want to travel with me that's all...
Arriving close to the gates of Whiterun, I suddenly remembered something... Where in oblivion is the High Hrothgar?
Suddenly, I heard a bark behind me. Looking for it's origin, I saw Fenrir arriving. “You're going to travel with me?” I asked him, getting down at his level. He barked in approval. “I don't suppose you know where the High Hrothgar is...”. He barked again. “You do? Can you show me on the map?” I asked him, showing my map. With his nose, he showed me the way. “Good boy.” I said, petting him and getting up “Let's go!” I said, happy not to be alone.

P.O.V of Aleena.
I hope it's going to be alright... “My thane?” asked Lydia.
“What business could lead you to not travel with your friend?”
“Personal ones...” I answered as I finally opened the doors of Jorrvaskr.
The first thing I saw was, almost everyone eating together in the main room. Hearing me enter, they all looked at me in disbelief. A tall man got up, my good old friend, Farkas. “You're back! Shield sister! What could have happened to you?” he cheered, opening his arms to give me bear hug.
After he put me down on my feet again, I answered “Long story, Farkas. Right now I need to see Kodlak, is he here?”
“Yes, downstairs in his room, talking with Vilkas.”
“Thanks” I said, beginning my way down the stairs.
Once down here, just before I enter Kodlak's room, I asked Lydia to wait for me outside.
Approaching the door, I took a deep breath, and then, knocked.
Opening it, I hesitatingly walked in. Kodlak and Vilkas looked at me, baffled.
I noticed Vilkas clenching his fist. “Hey, sorry to interrupt...” I said softly.
“We were finished...” Said Vilkas, not even looking at me and getting up to exit the room.
Looking at him all the way, I was about to stop him when I heard Kodlak. “Give him time...” he asked of me, “you were away for a while, what happened to you? And to your armor?”
“It's... a long story, master.” I responded.
“I'm no one master, Aleena. Beside... we have time, let me hear this tail of five month, take a sit young girl.”
I sat on the chair Vilkas was on a minute ago, still warm from him.
“Do you remember my last mission?” I asked him.
“Yes, falmers close to Windhelm... I guess it's not them who abducted you...”
I had a chuckle, “No, you are right, it's definitely not them. I got caught in a fight between the Stomcloaks and the imperials. And I was captured by the imperials.”
“For five mounth? How is that you escaped them?”
“On the way to transfer me somewhere else, the imperials got attacked by a giant, I had just the time to get freed by one of them and get some weapons. We defeated the giant, but I finished by being the last survivor.”
“And that's when you made a wolf friend?”
“What? How did you?”
Kodlak motioned to his nose, “I may be old, but I keep having a good nose, I can sent to smell of fur and ice on you.”
Why didn't he smell Elsa? Ho, right, Elsa smell like ice...
“But I get it, you didn't came down here to tell me your adventure.” added Kodlak.
“You're right, I'm here to ask guidance...”
“Guidance, or advices?” he asked, rubbing his beard.
“I'm actually traveling with the Dragonborn... she's off to the High Hrothgar as we speak.”
“And why didn't you followed her?”
“You know why...” I huffed.
“Yes, I know your past with them... But the more you try dodging, the more it will get back to you... in the face.”
“Easily said, he took everything of me!” I said, getting out of the room ready to fall in tears.
From the doorstep, I heard Kodiak “One day, you're going to need to make peace with him, with yourself.”
Storming out the room, I closed the door. Thinking of those last words... There is only one man I need to make peace with right now.
Walking to Vikas' room, I was about to open it's door, but I hesitated.
From this hesitation, Vilkas opened the door to see me.
His eyes were field with irritation at first, but calmed down when I looked directly in them.
“If you're going to say anything, say it.” He said, desperately trying to be rude to me.
Still looking in his eyes, I got on my tiptoes to kiss him. At first, he was kissing me back, but then, he pushed me away. “What are you doing?” he asked.
“I... Sorry, it's just... it's been so long since I saw you...”
“That's the thing when you disappear!” He turned away from me.
I falsely chuckled, “I'm such an idiot... Sorry, I'm not disturbing you anymore.” I felt old tears getting down my cheeks when I backed away. Getting out of his sight, I heard him grumble, “It's good to have you back, whelp.” I almost didn't hear it, but it made me happy. Passing by Lydia, I took her with me, “Let's get some work upstairs, I need to cleat my head.”

P.O.V of Elsa.
I was on my way with Fenrir when I tried something. I mean, Fenrir understand what I'm saying after all, why couldn't I have conversation with him?
“Why did you followed me?” I asked. He barked in answer.
“Aleena sent you after me?” Gods, why do I think that? She just left me, and Fenrir do show more affection to me than to her. He happily barked, like a sign of approval.
“Unbelievable... She really don't have any confidence in me or what?” he barked again.
“What you mean? She's just worried about me?” He barked. “I'm really lonely to have a conversation with a wolf...” I facepalmed. Fenrir barked again, looking like a laugh to me.

End of chapter 6.
Skyrim Warmaiden. Chapter 6.
Chapter 6 of skyrim warmaiden.
Mama, Elsa killed a dragon,
Unleached an icicle over his head,
Let the gravity work, now it's dead.
Mama, the dragoborn just got discovered,
But now the chapter need to continue.

Mama, ooh,
Didn't mean to make you wait,
But nothing can be well written in so little time,
I'll carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters.Freddy Mercury emote FREE TO USE
And I hope you'll like this chapter =) (sorry for any in head bad singing...)
After the chock of seeing a man getting killed by undead passed by, Elsa managed to ask a very good question, “What in oblivion is that?”.
“Draugr. Never saw them before?” answered Aleena.
Elsa gave her friend a small punch in the arm.
Rubbing her arm, Aleena realized what she just said, “Ho yeah, right... sorry... my memory is not what it used to be.”
Before Elsa had the chance to answer anything, Aleena jumped into action, cutting the head of a draugr clean. Fenrir jumped on one that was preparing to attack her from the back. Elsa had just one last target to take care of. Launching an icicle in its torso, the undead turned to charge at her. While Aleena was taking care of the second draugr with Fenrir, planting her axe in its skull, she shouted at Elsa, “The head! It's the only way to stop them!”.
Elsa heard that and aimed a new icicle to its head.
The draugr fell dead as Elsa calmly said “Boom, head shot.”
“You okay?” asked Aleena.
“Yeah, yeah.” she answered as Fenrir leaped at her to lick her face. “I'm okay, Fenrir.” she laughed trying to calm him down.
Aleena came to rescue and sat him down, earning a bark of disapproval.
“I know boy, but it's neither the time, or the right way to say that you're happy she's unharmed.” scolded the girl.
While they all were focused on Elsa, another draugr was about to hit Aleena, Elsa saw it and pushed her away to launch a new icicle in the undead's head.
Elsa sighed in relief “Close call...”
“Nice one. Thanks.” said Aleena with a big smile, certainly from not being dead.
Before changing room, Aleena took a golden claw by the poor man leftovers.
The girls walked again, dodging a trap on their way to enter a new room where three new undead woke up.
“For the love of...” swore Elsa, launching a icicle in one of them while Fenrir covered her. Aleena punched one, wielding her axe in the other hand, she used it to decapitate the other. The last one quickly recovered and had the time to get a clean battle axe handle on the head, hard enough to kill it.
The group recovered from the fight and continued. Draugr after draugr, their way was full of corps, moving, and not moving. Finally, they arrived at the last room. After solving the mystery of the claw. They entered in a cavern-like room, at the end of it was a big wall with cravings on it and a sarcophagus.
Walking to the stone wall, Elsa touched the engravings. “I feel like I understand it... but at the same time, I don't know what they mean... it's weird...”.
“What do you mean?” asked her friend.
“Don't you feel something weird?”
The moment Aleena said that, the girls heard a braking stone sound.
Aleena turned to the sound, to see a big draugr getting out of the sarcophagus. She prepared her axe, but the undead shouted at her, a powerful blast came out of it's mouth and she froze solid.
Fortunately, Elsa didn't get caught in the shout and tried to launch an icicle at the draugr. It didn't felt anything, and charged at Elsa with its axe. Hitting her, she fell backward. Aleena couldn't move, and saw her friend getting hit. In her ice coffin, she began to use her strength to try shattering it.
Elsa didn't move, she was stunned by the draugr's blow. It was approaching her as it heard some crackling sounds. Tunring over, the undead saw Aleena's ice crack. Breaking completely and finally free from the ice, she charged at the draugr, screaming, “Don't ever touch her again!”. He tried to block her blow, but she had too much strength for its old axe, it shattered into pieces. The undead took the mighty blow right in the face, destroying it.
Aleena realized they were out of danger and ran to Elsa. Taking her in her arms, she shook her awake. The blonde opened her eyes slowly. “Where did it hit you?” asked her friend.
“I... don't know... I guess it was in the face... but...”.
“You don't feel anything? Well, your ice took it all...”
“My... Ice?” Elsa touched her face and felt something cold on her left cheek, like a block of ice.
“You remember how you destroyed my sword back in Dawnstar? All by reflex. I guess it's the same here... I'm seriously curious to know who you are now.” she finished with a big smile.
Elsa seemed puzzled and then gasped, “And Fenrir?” just before she felt a tongue licking the ice on her cheek.
“He's a snow wolf, he don't get caught in ice for long.” answered Aleena.
The girl helped Elsa up. After finding the stone tablet in the Draugr's coffin, they began their way back to Whiterun.
The road was peaceful for once... just kidding, they ended up between a fight with the Stromcloak and the Thalmors. The poor Soldiers didn't stood a chance against the elves, and said elves through it would be a good idea to attack the girls. After having to unfortunately kill them, one of them dropped a note. Curious, Aleena took it and read it.
“Coldblood has escaped, you have to find and bring her here as soon as possible. Kill anyone on your way, but bring her unharmed. Remember the control words but use them in last resort.
E.” was written on it.
Aleena soon heard Elsa, “You found something?” she asked.
She couldn't show this paper to her, not now at last, “Nothing, let's be on our way...” answered Aleena.
Now in Dragonsreach, after giving Farengar the stone. Irileth came barging in the room. “Farengar! Farengar! A dragon has been saw, not far!” she looked at the girls and continued, “You should come too.” They quickly ran up the stairs and meet with Jarl Balgruf and a young guard. “What did you saw, boy?” he asked.
“A dragon... he attacked the western watchtower... I never ran so fast in my life... I thought he was going to kill me.” answered the guard.
“This is a real threat.” added Irileth.
“Yes it is... Irileth, take some guards to the watchtower and try to find and kill the Dragon.” ordered the Jarl.
The elf bowed “Yes, my Jarl.”
“I should go with them, I need to see that Dragon from up close.” said Farengar.
“No, I can't take the risk to lost the two of you.” contradicted Balgruf, before turning to the girls, “There is so little time to congratulate you, friends. I need you to go help Irileth, you survived Helgen, so you know more about the dragons than any of us. But I don't forget what you did for this city, please, take this as a reward.” he said, giving a new battle axe to Aleena, it was kind of eagle shaped and very light, a beautiful elven battleaxe.
“Thank you, my Jarl, we will depart now.” said Elsa.
Out of Dragonsreach, Elsa began to run, but Aleena stopped her. “You may be in clothes, but I'm in heavy armors. I can't run all the way to the watchtower.”
So they walked their way there. On the way, Aleena attached her new axe right next to the old one.
“Why don't you just sell the old one?” asked Elsa.
“Well, first, we don't have time for this. Second, I wanna test this one out before dumping the old one.”.
“Seems legit.” shrugged her friend.
Finally arrived at the western watchtower, which was a real ruin now.
Irileth wasn't here, the girls decided to go see if there was any survivors. Running up to the tower, two men got out of it, “No! Go back! It's still here, he just killed Rokir and Thor who tried to flee!” said one. A roar made itself heard, “Kynareth protect us! He's coming back.” stressed the other.
Aleena readied her new battleaxe, Elsa charged up her magic, and Fenrir... well... growled.
The dragon was now in sight, Elsa unleashed two really big icicle to it. One of them planted right in it's wing. Preventing it to fly even further. It was preparing to land when a lightning coming from the ground struck it, destabilizing it, making it crash. The girls saw Irileth and her men, she closed up to them, “What in oblivion did you do?”.
“It's not like we triggered that on purpose!” exclaimed Aleena.
While charging her magic again, Elsa interrupted them, “Guys? Dragon! Still alive!”
The beast devoured a guard and was about shout at the girls, but Elsa unleashed her magic, a fury of ice and snow made its way to the reptilian and hit it hard, stopping it from shouting.
“Right!” said Aleena, leaping in battle, jumping to plant her axe in the dragon's skull. Unfortunately, she underestimated the thickness of it. The axe was stuck in, and Aleena didn't let go when the dragon lifted it's head in pain.
Making a big fly in the air, Aleena unsheathed her old axe and prepared to land it on the beast's back.
Using her fall to give a powerful blow to her opponent, Aleena made it turn its attention to her. Leaving Elsa and Irileth enough time to prepare a powerful ice and lightning fury. Having disoriented it, Aleena jumped back on the ground, and ran to a guard to take his sword. The dragon was still stunned. She used this to do a powerful blow, right on its neck, cutting it.
“You can't kill me!” laughed the dragon before taking a icicle in it's left eye.
Elsa screamed her power out, unleashing icicle on icicle, aiming anywhere on the Dragon's body. Lastly, she lifter her arms, forming her biggest icicle yet right up the dragon's head. Letting the gravity do the work, she let it go. Upon this last piece, the Dragon screamed in its death. “Dovahkiin? Noooooo!!!!
Elsa was out of breath and fell to her knees. Aleena ran to her, not noticing the Dragon's body degrading. Hearing everyone being afraid, she saw it, and took Elsa in her arms for protection. But what happened wasn't expected. A sort of link appeared between Elsa and the Dragon, as its corps turned into lifeless bones. Aleena looked at Elsa in shock.

End of chapter 5
Skyrim Warmaiden. Chapter 5.
Chapter 5 of skyrim warmaiden. The girls and wolf continue their ways in the bleak falls burrow. Hope you'll like this chapter!
On their way to Whiterun. Only a few bears had the guts to attack the girls. Approaching Whiterun, a guard stopped them.
“Halt! The city's closed due to the Dragons. Official business only.”
“That's why we're here, we have information for the Jarl.” answered Aleena.
The guard let them through. Once in the Jarl's place, Dragonsreach, they approached him but got interrupted again by a dark elf.
“What is the meaning of this interruption? Who are you?” she asked.
“I'm Elsa, and this is Aleena. We have to inform the Jarl of the situation about the Dragons, and Helgen.”
“You know about Helgen? Well, that explain why the guards let you in. Come, the Jarl's going to meet you in private.”
Doing some steps forward, approaching the throne. The Jarl, a slightly old blonde man, engaged the conversation. “So you were at Helgen? What did you saw? What they say is true? A Dragon destroyed it?”
“Yes, my Jarl. We were at Helgen, this Dragon is very real, and destroyed it easily, showering in the arrows. Last we saw it, he was heading this way.” answered Elsa.
“So this is true. The dragon's are returning...”
“My Jarl, Riverwood is defenseless...” added Elsa.
“Of course.” answered the Jarl. Looking at the dark elf from earlier, he said, “Irileth, send guards to Riverwood.”
“Will be done, my Jarl” she bowed.
Turning to the girls and wolf, he continued “Follow me, I have a mission for you.” he got up and walked his way to a room with the girls. “My court wizard, Farengar, is working on a matter related to the Dragons, and rumors of Dragons.”
Once inside the room, the Jarl asked his wizard to explain the work to the girls and left.
“So, Jarl Balgruf think you can help me with my task? Well, I may need someone to help me. By helping, I mean : go search for an artifact that could be somewhere else...”
“Alright, where do we need to go?” asked Aleena.
“And what do this have to do with the Dragons?” added Elsa.
“You need to go to the Bleak Falls Barrow. In it, there will be a stone tablet which could have information about the Dragons on it.” answered the wizard, showing the location of the Burrow on the map.
Seeing where it was, Aleena facepalmed “Gods! Just north of Riverwood!” she said, making her way to exit the room.
“Sorry about her, it's just we were at, like, 5 minutes from it a couple hours ago...” apologized Elsa
“Come on Elsa, I don't want to wast more time!” said Aleena beginning her way out Dragonsreach.
“Sorry again, see you latter with the stone!” said Elsa followed by Fenrir, barking and waving good bye to Farengar.

The road to the Nord ruin was full of wolves this time. Six packs in a row.
Close to the barrow now, a bunch of armed bandits had the bad idea to try enter the ruin before the girls. Bad idea, as Aleena and Fenrir charged at them, and Elsa took care of them with powerful waves of icicles. The outside bandits were now slayed and they could now enter the temple.
Inside were two more bandits, they didn't last long, Fenrir leaped on one of them to rip open his throat and Aleena sliced the second with a mighty swing of her battleaxe.
Keeping their weapon and magic ready, the girls made their way through the place.

They were in a empty corridor when Elsa pointed out, “Come to think of it. Why didn't the guards were afraid of Fenrir?”.
Aleena gasped “Whoa! Who could be afraid of him? He's just a big love ball of destructive nature!”
Elsa laughed, “Pretty much why I wonder! Normal people are afraid of wolves you know?”.
Fenrir made a puzzled face at the statement Elsa came out with.
“But! But! He's so cute!” said Aleena, whose talk got supported by the wolf's bark.
“By the way, isn't it suppose to bother him that we kill other wolves?”
“Well, Fenrir is an Alpha. He was alone when I found him. I guess he consider us being in his pack. If his pack is attacked, he defend it, even against other wolves.” responded Aleena.
“You sure seem to understand the wolves...”
“I always have! I don't know why through... But I always had this kind of link with wolves.”
At this moment, Fenrir stopped and his focus was on something he felt right at the end of the way.
Aleena motioned to Elsa to not make any noises.
As the three of them were carefully sneaking on what danger Fenrir sensed. They saw another bandit walking toward a lever.
When he pulled it, Aleena saw the craving on the walls he was in and intoned a loud “Don't!” but it was too late, the man pulled the lever, turning to Aleena he received poisoned darts from the trap he just triggered. He died instantly.
Aleena facepalmed, “Those... amateurs...”
“Stop facepalming for a second and let me solve this riddle will you?” asked Elsa.
Fenrir waited by the gate the disarmament of the trap was to open.
Aleena looked at the poison darts that killed the bandit.
Elsa looked around the room. She saw cravings on pillars and cravings on the walls. There was three face to the pillars that could rotate. Elsa intoned to herself, “Snake, Snake, Whale.” while tuning the pillars.
Elsa pulled the lever. The second she pulled it, Aleena jumped on her. Making her fall on the ground.
Thinking her friend got touched by the poison, Aleena was worried, “Are you okay?”.
“Yes.” answered a stunned Elsa.
“What a relief.” sighed Aleena before hitting Elsa on the up of her head.
“Ouch! What in oblivion was that about?!” Asked Elsa, rubbing her head.
“You got me worried.” huffed her friend.
“Awn... So you do care?”
“Of course! I didn't saved you from a waterfall to get you killed by a dumb trap!”
“Dumb enough to let me succeed in solving it...” smiled Elsa.
“I didn't hear the gate-” said Aleena looking at the steel gate, opened. “-Fenrir?” she asked.
The two girls entered the newly open part of the temple to hear heavy breathing and see Fenrir walk up the stairs with a skeever's body in his mouth. Approaching the speechless girls, he put the corps down Aleena's feet.
Elsa shrugged “Wolf of Saber Cat?”
Aleena remained emotionless picked up the body and thrown it down the stairs, “Wolf.” she said when Fenrir ran at it like a dog.
Joining the wolf down the stairs, the girls saw him grunting while looking down the stairs.
Spider webs filled progressively all the walls. Entering a final chamber, a giant frostbite spider descended from the ceiling.
Unlike the other times, Fenrir was on defense, seeing the big spider didn't encourage him to leap at her. The three adventurers were stunned by how big the beast was.
While the spider, it, wasn't really concerned by the size of its next meal. Leaping to take the wolf down, Aleena stopped it, trying to keep its mandible far away from her with her axe's pole.
Elsa unleashed a frost blast at the side of the spider. Screaming her power to freeze it over. After some seconds, the beast was motionless and covered in frost, and Aleena destroyer it with a powerful fist in it's face.
Catching their breath, the girls heard a voice. “Finally! Someone! Hey! Come here!”.
It was from a web tied man, blocking the only way they had to continue.
“Get me down!” he ordered Aleena.
“What's the magic word?” she asked him like he was a kid.
“I'll tell you everything! The claw! We can share the treasure!” he pleaded like a coward.
“The claw?” wondered Elsa.
“Yes! The claw to enter the last chamber! I'll explain all if you get me down here.” answered the man.
Elsa and Aleena looked at each other and shrugged. Aleena cut the web the man was trapped in with her battleaxe.
Finally free, he felt like running, laughing “Why would I share anything with you?!”
The girls chassed him.
“Ho no you don't!” said Elsa, preparing her magic.
Aleena stopped her and said “Take cover!”
The second the man entered the room, some undead woke up and killed him.

End of chapter 4
Skyrim Warmaiden. Chapter 4.
Chapter 4 of skyrim warmaiden, the girls go see the Jarl of Whiterun and get a new mission.
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