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Skyrim warmaidens chapter 9
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P.O.V of Elsa.

Well, that's official... This damn mountain is easier to get down from! And it feel warmer too!
I looked at the sun in the distance as I approached Ivarstead. “We should stop by the inn for the night.” I said petting Fenrir.
I entered the warm inn and saw him running at someone who was talking to the bartender.
I didn't really pay attention to it, until I heard a voice.
“Calm down! It's only been a day!”
My eyes opened wide, recognizing the voice being Aleena's.
I was happy to see her now. Using my powers, I made a snow ball in my hand and used the fact she didn't saw me, to aim for her face.

P.OV of Aleena.

If Fenrir is here, then Elsa must be near. I said to myself raising my eyes. Only to get a freaking snowball in the face! I rubbed the snow away and looked everywhere, I saw a part of her robe behind a timber. I devilishly smiled and ordered to Fenrir, “Go lick her.”
He barked and ran to her, I soon heard a “Kia!” and saw her, tackled down by the wolf's leap.
“No fair! No fair! You're two against me!” She pleaded, trying to stop Fenrir with her little strength.

P.O.V of Elsa.
Ha! Gods! Stop it Fenrir!
Aleena calmed him and replied, “So it's more fair to hide and launch a snowball on my face?”.
Soon, a Nord man got out of one of the room, he was taller than Aleena, had a well shaved goatee and long black hairs, you could without doubt say he was handsome. He approached her and said, “I'm away setting our stuff and you're already making a fuss?!”
“She started it!” said Aleena, like a kid.
“And who might she be?” he asked.
Before I could introduce myself, Lydia came out of another room, weapons ready.
“My Thane are you okay?” she asked before looking at me. She sheathed her weapon, and offered me a hand to get up.
Quickly doing my hairs, I introduced myself to the man, “I'm Elsa.”
A little later, Aleena introduced the man, being Vilkas, and already taken... It's not from me! She put it that way in the conversation!
So, Aleena and I were together alone while Lydia was in her room and Vilkas gone for something.
I tightened my grip on the tankard I had in my hand. Summoning my courage for the question that I wanted to ask for the very beginning. “So, you're from the companions... Guess you're here for some mission...”
“Why, yes...” she replied, drinking her mead. I knew I shouldn't have expected her to continue the road with me... “To help the Dragonborn in her quest!” She said, putting one arm around my neck in a friendly way.
My eyes opened wide. Did I heard what I heard? “Wait, what?”
“You heard right! I couldn't be there for Grey-beards. But I'll be here for the rest. We're traveling companions, right?”
I was caught unprepared here, so much that without thinking I asked, “So you didn't get away from me?”
“What? How could you even think anything like that?! We have fun together! Right?” She said, saying her last sentence with puppy eyes.
“Well, yes, I just through that-”
“Yay!” Without letting me finish, she jumped on me and made me fall in a hug.
“Ouch! Well, you certainly is more energetic than before, what happened?” I asked.
“Many good things...” She said looking at Vilkas who entered the inn. “My heart is lifter of many doubts, that's all.” she added, as her lover approached us.
Putting his hands on his hips, he said, “You drank enough. Let's go to bed, young lady.”
“What are you-” she began as he took her on his left shoulder, “Hey! Put me down!” she added as he waved me good night and made his way to their room. I heard him say something but didn't understood, anyway, he said something that calmed Aleena right away.
He closed their door, lefting me sit on the floor. I saw Fenrir approaching me, you got it... he licked my face. Managing to sit him down, I got up and decided to go to sleep too.

End of chapter 9
Skyrim Warmaiden. Chapter 9.
Chapter 9 of skyrim warwmaiden, Aleena and Elsa meet at Ivarstead inn...
P.O.V of Elsa.

After all this walking, I'm finally at the High Hrothgar! I certainly hope that it's warmer in the temple, cause I may be Nord, but seriously, it's cold up here!
Annnd, it's not warmer inside... At last I don't have to take the wind anymore...
“This temple is pretty big, how many are they in here?” I asked myself as I made my may in the main room.
A man approached me, “I am Arngeir, I speak in the name of the Greybeards.”
“A pleasure. I am Elsa, the Dragonborn, I answer your call.” I said, respectfully bowing to him.
“Welcome Dovahkiin. But first, I am sorry, but I need to make sure you really have the gift.” I raised a brow in wonder. “Use your voice on me.”
“Wait, aren't it going to...” I began.
“Don't be afraid, it wont hurt me.”
“Alright.” I shrugged before shouting “Fus!”
Arngeir lost a little balance but didn't got hurt.
“Dovahkiin.” he bowed, “We welcome you to the High Hrothgar.” he said, as three other Greybeards joined us. “But first, tell me, why did you decide to answer our call?”
“It's not even been a day since I'm Dragonborn. I need to know how to use my powers.”
“And we will help you in that way. Follow us.” asked Arngeir.
We ended up outside... again.
Arngeir began, “Without knowing, you made the first steps in being able to transform your voice into a shout, a Thu'um. A Thu'um is composed of three words, right now you only know one, 'Fus' from the unrelenting force. In order to be able to use a new word, you need to know it, and then, fully understand it. Once you learn a new word, you can meditate on the meaning of the word, that's how we learn it. But as Dovahkiin, you have another way. When you kill a dragon, you take his soul in you, you can use said soul to understand a word, that is how you learned your first word. Now, master Einarth will help you learn the second word.”
I looked at Einarth, bowing to me, he then looked at the floor and shouted “Ro!” on it. The floor cracked a little as some kind of clawing appeared on it, looking like the word on the old stone wall in the Bleak Falls Burrow. I felt the word beginning to get on me. 'Ro.' I didn't understood it.
“Now, master Einarth is going to let you use his knowledge to learn the meaning of Ro.”
The same kind of link as the one with the Dragon back then, formed between me and Einarth.
'Balance.' it came to me like that, Ro mean Balance.
“Now, you should be able to use the second word of the unrelenting force. Let's see how well you learned it. Use it on the target we will show you.”
After a little training when I had to shout on ghostly targets that the Greybeards summoned. Borri helped me learn a new shout, the Whirlwind Sprint. A shout that make me sprint about 10 meters in less than a second.
It has been a full day, I need to make my way back to Ivarstead, the town right down the mountain. After master Arngeir gave me a mission to go get a horn back from a Burrow. Me and Fenrir began our way down.


P.O.V of Aleena.

“So, basically, Imperials through you was a Stromcloak and imprisoned you... Didn't they get it seeing your armor?” summarized Vilkas as all three of us were trailing through the mountain path.
I sighed “Guess not... I tried to explain it to them, but you know me... They one day got a little carried away and too touchy with me, and I kind of... made one of them meet my fist at high speed. So in the end, I finished with giving them an excuse to keep me in prison.”
“But, my Thane, how did you survived a giant's direct blow?” asked Lydia.
“To the imperial's defense, they are well equipped for weapons and shield, even through, their armor are kind of crappy.” I answered.
“And their training.” laughed Lydia.
I couldn't help but smile, even if... I still feel bad for all of them to have died like this...
Looking at the setting sun, I looked at my map, “Ivarstead is not far, let's head there and go sleep at the inn”

End of chapter 8
Skyrim Warmaiden. Chapter 8.
Here is your weekly chapter poeple! Hope you'll like it! It's a little late 'cause I'm working on my others stories.
I just want to know... What do you think of me always begining a new story before I finish the others?
3 deviants said I don't care, because... do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate! *cough * sorry...
1 deviant said Does that mean that you're begining a new story? again? serously? *facepalm *
1 deviant said I don't even read your crap! *troll *
No deviants said It's annoying! Just finish one already!
No deviants said Seriously that's fine, but please don't use it as an excuse to not submit my weekly chapter!
To my readers, I'm curious, which off my work do you look after the most (current or future)
1 deviant said A-Z Unit
1 deviant said Skyrim warmaiden
No deviants said Rise of a legend part 1 redone
No deviants said Translation of the book 3 of the Galactic Guardians
No deviants said Project Ares
No deviants said Frozen Fate
No deviants said The Rifter
No deviants said Elsa and the Dragonborn
P.O.V of Aleena.

Back in the main room, I got to ask Farkas for any job he could find me.
“I have many, but one is of pressing matter.”
“Then I'll take this one.”
Farkas smiled and showed a chair to me, “Ya need to sit here, drink with me, and talk to me about what is bothering you.”
“I know you better than you think. Shield sister.” He replied, siting me down and giving me a tankard of mead.
Lydia motioned to me that she'll wait by the doors.
Farkas drank about half his tankard before looking at me, “So, what's it all about?” he asked.
“It's...” I began, looking at the mead like it was a pure water lake. “It's about my...” I was nervous enough to see the mead motion in the mug because of my trembling grip on it. I felt the look of Farkas on me, I can't talk to him about it... I took a deep breath and continued, “It's... Vilkas... that's just... I just came back, of course I wasn't expecting him to greet me with a smile or anything like it! I know he's not like this... It's just... Is a kiss from the man I love, too much to ask for?”
“You know...” interrupted Farkas, “In little time, you came to know him about as well as I do. You understand him like no one ever did. If it's of his love that you have doubt, you don't need to have any. I think the thing is... You came back changed.”
“What? No I didn't.”
“You did. The second I saw you, I knew it. The energetic, reckless, fierce and inextinguishable fire of your might has changed. It was not the first time we didn't saw each others in a long time, but back then, everytime, emergency or not, you would greet me with a big hug, always trying to lift me from the ground even for a split second. And you would certainly have finished this mead by now.” he said, drinking a sip of his.
I sighed, “Things... happened okay?”
“What kind of things? What could have led this beautiful Nord mind of yours to get down like this?!” he snapped.
I still haven't touched my mead... tightening my grip on the tankard, “Things from my past! Now leave me be!” I almost yelled, getting up.
Farkas took my hand, stopping me in my tracks.
“Look. If you don't feel like talking to me about it, then be it. But at last, let Vilkas know.”
I don't know why, but my heart felt... lifted... at those words. I guess I was waiting for someone to say something like that, 'Go see him', is it? I smiled, turned to face Farkas and kissed him on the forehead.
“Thank you, big goof.” I said, getting ready to go down stairs.
Once down, I entered Vilkas' room.
He was reading a book when I came barging in.
“Let's talk!” I said, closing the doors and taking sit on the chair facing him. “I know I changed. Things from my past came back and all. I know you're pissed that I disappeared, but look it wasn't like I could have contacted you! Now I have a big mission! Something big is preparing and I need to get things clear with you now!” I finished, getting up, “Do you still love me? Even though I don't want to talk about my past now and it will most likely take time to even begin explaining what in it changed me?!”
Vilkas looked at me with his fierce eyes, closing his book, he got up, looking in my eyes, he asked, “You really give me a chance to choose if I still love you?”
A smile formed on my face, “Of course I don't! I only give you the chance to initiate a kiss before I do!”
Without waiting, he kissed me passionately. By the nine it feels right!
He putted his hands on my hips as I was now trying to make him fall on his back by pushing upward.
He didn't felt like it it seems, as he putted me back on my feet and began unstrap my banded armor. To Oblivion with it! Get out of this armor too, big boy!

Several minutes later, we were laying in the bed. Both our body wrapped in fur. Vilkas had his arms around me like he was protecting me. Knowing him, it's more, 'You won't go anywhere, whelp.' or something. Don't worry, I won't. Even through... I feel like I forgot something.
“Lydia!” I gasped, getting up in a hurry.
“What? Hey!” complained Vilkas.
“Sorry!” I said kissing him. “I forgot Lydia, she's upstairs!”.
“And who might be Lydia?”
“My huscarl.” I said, checking my hairs quickly.
He sat on bed and said, “I'm sure Farkas is not going to let her wait without... wait... huscarl?”
Oops... “Ho, hum... I kind of... became Thane some hours ago...”
“And that's one thing you could have told me.” he said, smiling at me, certainly more from looking at my curves than anything but... yeah.
As I playfully pulled out my tongue to him, I took my underwear on.
“By the way, before you take your armor on, look in this chest.” said Vilkas getting up as well and motioning for his bed-chest.
Opening it I took out what was inside it. “My spare armor!” I cheered, “You kept it!”
“Of course I did! I knew you'd come back! Whelp. And that's not all.” he finished, showing me his weapon rack.
On it was a battle axe, pretty big, the head had cravings on it, looking like two wolf's head, one for each side.
“Talos be praised! It's Wolf's Scar! I always knew it was a good idea to let Eorlund take care of it while I was gone! And looking at it, he improved it too! He really is the best blacksmith in all of Skyrim!” Pointing Vilkas with my finger and walking up to him, I added, “And you! Mister, is the best there is!” Kissing him as soon as I could.
“Tell me something I don't know.” He smiled, “Now gear up! I get it we have some big path to take!” he said, closing his belt buckle.
I was about to ask him not to go that way when he stated, “You're thinking too loudly. I'm going with you, like it or not!”
Without saying a word, I looked at him in the eyes, both maintaining each others look.
After several seconds, both of us didn't seem to want to let go. Getting irritated I snapped, “Alright! You come! I'll brief you on the way!”
Finally back in my armor! Feels good! Just as I remember it! Even if I wasn't away from it long. The heavy shoulders finely balanced. The fine mail with the fur on the skirt, armored leather on the legs and plated boots! Finally back in a battle ready armor! Plus, I got my real axe now! Let's see how well Eorlund worked on it! Closing the straps on my gauntlet. I was ready to go and not let my inner fire get blocked by a wall of past again! Let's go find Fenrir and Elsa!


P.O.V of Elsa.
'How many damn step does this road have?! Come on!' I though as I walked up another step. “Wow...” I said, looking ahead of me, I finally saw it, the temple, the High Hrothgar!

End of chapter 7
Skyrim Warmaiden. Chapter 7.
Finally! chapter 7 is here! Aleena is having little "alone" time at the companions. And Elsa arrive at her destination.
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Hey everyone! I'm back from Japan! ...Actually, I've been back for two days now... The jet lag took the best of me... But I'm back with travel stories and pictures! You should find them in my gallery! Hope you'll like them!


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I just want to know... What do you think of me always begining a new story before I finish the others? 

3 deviants said I don't care, because... do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate! *cough * sorry...
1 deviant said Does that mean that you're begining a new story? again? serously? *facepalm *
1 deviant said I don't even read your crap! *troll *
No deviants said It's annoying! Just finish one already!
No deviants said Seriously that's fine, but please don't use it as an excuse to not submit my weekly chapter!


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