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Chapter 16 : The council

Viconia quickly got up, looking everywhere to find Martin.
Searching next to a pond, she heard the sound of water. She looked and saw Martin, in the water, washing himself. The view of the dragonborn, finally up and well, made the Drow full of joy.
She ran all the way in the water, just to end up, hugging Martin from his bare back.
The nord, feeling the Drow's hold, could answer but one thing. He put his hands on the ones holding him, saying softly, « Hey... ». Viconia tighten her hold on him, not being abble to say a word. The Nord let out a small laugh and responded, « It's not a Dragon that will get me... », he, then turned, took Viconia in his arms, and continued, « I said I would be back, haven't I ? ».
The Drow lightly smiled in Martin's embrase, and firmly answered, « If you do that again, I wake you by unscrewing your head from your shoulders. ». Martin smiled, « The worst is that you most certainly will succeed in doing so... ». Viconia did not said a thing, looking up at Martin's bruises, then, in his blue eyes, closed her brown ones, and kissed him.
Martin got dressed, and the couple decided to go back to the camp.
Once there, Martin greeted Faye, who just got up. The two women, then, proceeded to explain what happened, and what they must do. The Nord only responded by sighing and saying, « I have a feeling that it will not be simple... ». « Why not ? » asked Faye. « Skyrim is in civil war... and Whiterun is just in the center of it. It'll be difficult to make the Jarl go with the plan. » sighed Martin, again. « We're talking about saving your world here, right ? » said Faye. « And ? You think the men are wise enough to understand that ? », asked Viconia. « My God... » sighed Faye. « Yep... I must be one of the saniest man of the country... » smiled Martin. « That is to say, how much they are all crazy. » added Viconia, laughting lightly. The nord smiled without a word. A little after, they departed for Whiterun.
On the way, Viconia told Faye the kind of plans Martin could come up with. Prompting the bounty hunter to laugh each time.
Finally, they arrived at Whiterun.
Once in Dragonreach, before the Jarl.
« Dragonborn, what bring you here ? » he asked from up his throne. « I'm here to seek your help, my Jarl. I need to catch a dragon in Dragonreach's trap. ». The Jarl's eyes widen, and he answered to Martin, « Are you joking ?! The Stormcloak are at my doors ! And you ask me to weaken my defences to catch a dragon ? In an old trap that could, most likely, not work anymore ?! ». Martin kept calm, « We're taking about saving our world... » he said. « I understand, but the Stormcloak would not let this chance go away. » said the Jarl, getting up. « What do you want me to do ? Let the world burn ?! » said Martin. « Make a council, a peace have to be declared. We have to be sure that, neither the Empire, or the Stormcloak will attack while you trap the Dragon. Being the Dragonborn, I'm sure they'll listen to you. ». « And I have access to the last neutral zone in all of Skyrim... » added Martin, before continuing, « I'll make a peace... ». « What ? » snaped Faye, « You're gonna lose time with that ? The future of your world is on the line ! ». « It's quicker than fighting in this war, don't you think ? », said Martin, begining to get out of Dragonreach.
The team took a week. They traveled to Solitude, asking the general Tullius, leader of the imperial army in Skyrim, to participate in the council.
Then, they arrived at Windhelm, to ask the Jarl Ulfric Stomcloak. Once in the throne room, Martin saw a man he didn't saw in many months. Martin walked to him, « Ralof ? You're cured from our injuries ? ». « Ho, yes, thank you. You are ? » asked Ralof. « I'm Martin Shinestone, your sister must have talked to you about me. ». « Ha, yes ! My savior ! Without you, I wouldn't even be here ! It's an honnor ! » smiled Ralof, « You are here to help the Sromcloak to take Skyrim back ? » he asked. « Not... Exactly... I need to see the Jarl. » responded Martin. After saying good bye, Ralof let Martin go.
Upon arriving before the Jarl, Viconia commented, « In the series of 'Random encounters'... »
What followed was simple, Martin asked the Jarl to go to the council.
The team resumed their way to the High Hrothgar.
After two days of travel. They arrived. Martin said to the Grey-Beard that the warlords would be here soon. Arngeir was not pleased with the idea, but accepted, knowing it may be the only way.
All the High Hrothgar was preparing for tomorrow's council. Rare thing, Viconia, Faye and Martin seen themself offered to stay the night in the temple.
The next day, the two side, Stormcloak and Empire, finally came for the council. Once installed, the general Tullius and Ulfric, with their second hand, were already arguing.
They argued about the Thalmor chief that was ''not supposed to be here'', either way, Martin said that so long she do not interrupt anything, she could stay. The two, uninvited last Blades arrived too, « You wanted to keep us away from this concil ? » said Delphine. Martin didn't responded and led her to a chair.
The concil stated. And Martin had to try calming down the two side.
After many minutes of unusefull arguing... Martin had had enough, hitting his fist on the table, he shouted « Enough !!! I'm fed up of your pointless arguing ! Alduin is feeding with the souls of our dead as we speak ! Each minutes I'm here, being the arbiter of your pointless debates, he become stronger ! If you continue like that ! You're going to kill us all ! I'm not here to make one side win ! I'm here to make you agree not to fight while I save the world ! ».While Martin catched his breath, Delphine said « The Dragonborn is right... the more we wait, the less odds he have to defeat Alduin... ». The two side kept silent for some seconds, then, Ulfric responded, « Fine... peace, the time you save the world... », and Tullius simply answered with a nod. This was decided, peace was on the way, and Martin could finally save the world.
Once everyone was gone, Delphine walked to Martin, « We know for Paarthurnax... » she said.

Next, chapter 17 : Odahviing.
Chapitre 16 : Le conseil.

Viconia se leva rapidement, scrutant les alentours pour trouver signe de Martin.
Se mettant a chercher près d'un étang, elle entendit des bruits d'eau. Elle regardât et vit Martin, dans l'eau, en train de se laver. La vue de l'enfant de Dragon, enfin revenu a lui, amplis la Drow de joie. Elle courut alors jusque dans l'eau, se jetant sur Martin, et se blottissant dans son dos nue.
Le nordique, sentant la Drow, n'eus qu'une réponse. Il posât ces mains sur celle qui entourait sa taille, se contentant de dire doucement, « Hey... ». Viconia resserrât légèrement son étreinte, ne pouvant dire mots. Le nordique laissât s’échapper un petit rire et répliquât, « C'est pas un Dragon qui aurai eu raison de moi... », puis il se retournât, prenant la Drow dans ces bras, et continuant, « J'avais bien dit que je reviendrais... ». La Drow fit un léger sourire dans les bras de Martin, et répondit fermement, « Si tu me refais sa, je te dévisse la tête. ». Martin sourit, « Le pire est que tu serais capable de le faire littéralement... ». Viconia ne dit rien, relevant la tête, regardant les seuls bleus restants, puis, relavant le regard, plongeât ces yeux dans ceux de Martin, et l’embrassât tendrement.
Martin se rhabillât, et le couple décidât de rentrer au campement.
Une fois devant le feu, Martin saluât Faye, qui venait de se réveiller. Les deux femmes expliquèrent a Martin se qui c'était passer, et l'objectif actuelle. La seul réponse du nordique fut de soupirer et dire, « Je sent que sa ne va pas être simple... ». « Pourquoi pas ? » demandât Faye. « Bordeciel est en guerre civile... et Blancherive est en position central. Se sera dure de faire accepter notre plan au Jarl. » soupirât de nouveau Martin. « On parle de sauver votre monde là quand même... » dit Faye. « Et ? Tu pense que les hommes sont assez sages pour comprendre sa ? », demandât Viconia. « Mon dieu... » soupirât Faye. « Et oui... Je doit être un des plus saint d'esprit dans ce pays... » dit Martin, en souriant. « C'est dire a quelle points ils sont tous taré. » ajoutât Viconia en ricanant. Le nordique souris sans dire mots. Peut après, ils replièrent le camp.
Sur le chemin qui rester a parcourir, Viconia racontât a Faye les différents plans que Martin était capable d'échafauder. Provoquant un rire chez la chasseuse de prime a chacune de ces histoires.
Ils était enfin arriver a Blancherive.
Une fois a Fort-Dragon, devant le Jarl.
« Enfant de Dragon, que me vaut votre visite ? » demandât-il, du haut de son trône. « Je vous demande, mon Jarl, de m'aider a capturer un Dragon avec le piège de Fort-Dragon. ». Les yeux du Jarl s’écarquillèrent et il répondit a Martin, « Ai-ce une blague ?! Les Sombrages sont a mes portes ! Et vous me demander de réduire mes défenses pour capturer un Dragon ? Dans un vieux piège qui n'est sûrement même plus en état ?! ». Martin gardât son calme, « Il sagit de l'avenir de notre monde... » répondit-il. « Je comprend bien, mais en aucun cas les Sombrages ne vont nous laisser faire sans en profiter. » dit le Jarl, en se levant. « Que proposer vous de faire ? » demandât Martin. « Faites un conseil, une trêve doit être signer. Il faut être sur que ni l'Empire, ni les Sombrages ne vont attaquer pendant ce temps. Si vous user de votre autorité en temps qu'Enfant de Dragon, je suis sur qu'ils accepterons le traiter. ». « Et en plus, j'ai accès au seul endroit encore neutre en Bordeciel... » ajoutât Martin, avant de continuer, « Je m'en occupe... ». « Quoi ? » s'étonnât Faye, « Tu va perdre du temps avec sa ? L'avenir de votre monde en dépend ! ». « Se seras toujours plus rapide et calme que de combattre dans cette guerre... » dit Martin, commençant a sortir de Fort-Dragon.
Le groupe pris une semaine. Ils passèrent par Solitude, convier le général Tullius, chef des armées impériales, au conseil. Puis, il arrivèrent a Vendaume, convier le Jarl Ulfric Sombrage. Une fois dans la salle du trône, Martin vit un homme qu'il n'avez pas vue depuis plusieurs mois. Martin s’avançât vers lui, « Ralof ? Vous êtes remis de vos blessures ? ». « Ho, oui, merci. Qui êtes vous ? » demandât Ralof. « Je suis Martin Shinestone, votre sœur a dut vous parler de moi... ». « Oui, en effet ! Sans vous je ne serais plus ici ! C'est un honneur ! » dit Ralof en souriant, « Vous venez vous engager chez les Sombrages ? » demandât-il. « Pas... exactement... Je doit m'entretenir avec le Jarl. » répondit Martin. Après lui avoir dit au revoir, Ralof laissât Martin passer.
Avant d'arriver devant le Jarl, Viconia commentât, « Dans la série des rencontre hasardeuses... ». La suite fut simple, Martin conviât Ulfric au conseil.
Le groupe repris alors la route vers le Haut-Hrothgar.
Après deux jours. Ils arrivèrent. Martin prévint les Grises-Barbes de l'arriver imminentes de chefs de guerre. Arngeir fut retissant, mais acceptât, reconnaissant que c'était peut être le seul moyen.
Tout le Haut-Hrothgar se préparât a la tenue du conseil, se déroulant le lendemain. Chose rare, Viconia, Faye et Martin se virent offert de rester dormir au temple.
Les deux partis, Sombrages et Empire, arrivèrent enfin pour le conseil. Une fois installer, le général Tullius et Ulfric, accompagner de leurs seconds commencer déjà a se disputer. Pendant que la représentante des Thalmor et les deux dernières Lames arrivèrent. « Vous pensiez m'écarter de se conseil ? » dit Delphine. Martin ne répondit rien et la laissât continuer en direction de sa chaise.
Le conseil commençât enfin. Martin dut faire le médiateur dans les disputes des deux camps.
Au bout de plusieurs minutes de chamaillerie infructueuse.
Martin en eu assez, tapant du poing sur la table et criant « Assez !!! J'en ai assez de faire le médiateur dans vos débats stériles ! Alduin est en train de se repaître des âmes de nos ancêtres ! A chaque secondes que je passe ici a vous arbitrer ! Il gagne en puissance ! Si vous continuer comme cela ! Vous scellerais définitivement le sort de notre monde ! Je suis pas ici pour céder des terres ! Ou pour faire gagner un camps, ou un autre ! On parle de signer une trêve pour que je sauve ce monde ! ». Martin repris son souffle et Delphine répondit, « L'enfant de Dragon a raison... Plus le temps passe, moins il auras de chance de vaincre Alduin... ». Les deux camps restèrent silencieux, puis Ulfric dit « Très bien... une trêve, le temps que vous sauviez le monde... », Tullius acquiesçât de la tête. Se fut décider, une trêve fut enclencher entre les deux partis, et Martin pouvez enfin aller sauvez le monde.
Une fois tout le monde partis, Delphine s’avançât vers Martin, « Nous savons pour Paarthurnax... » dit-elle.

Prochainement, chapitre 17 : Odahviing.
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A whole month without any post of some sort. I'm sorry about that... Just so you know, I'M BACK IN BUSINESS!
You may ask, "Ya did nothing this month?", and I'll answer... "Pretty much... yeah." But! I can explain myself!
You must know something about me... This is very, very, very, VERY, dangerous to make me see, even a 5 min scene, of a super-hero serie of my childhood... I spend the whole month viewing the "justice league of america" animated serie. With that, and the other series I'm in... I did not had time to translate anything... But this was not for nothing! I got a bunch of new ideas for the "rise of a legend" serie! Ideas you'll see when we'll get to the galaxie part =P
Anyway, the next chapter should be translated for, at last, the friday of this week^^

Hope you'll excuse me for not posting anything...
By the way, the request are still open! feel free to note me if you want one! (I don't have any at the moment, so my time is all yours^^)

That being said... Let's write and translate!
Long live imagination!
At Riverwood, Martin and Viconia stopped at the sleeping giant inn for the night. While they were eating, a man in miner outfit, came in the inn. He was exausted, he seemed to have ran all the way down to the city from a mine. He said, « The Mine ! The others ! They- ». But he fainted before he could finish. Orgnar, the new owner of the inn, took him to a room. The man had a bad fever, Orgnar said he was babling in his sleep, something about the Silverfall mine, and something ununderstandable about his coworkers. Martin looked at Viconia with a big smile on his face. Viconia crossed her arms and said « You're not thinking about that, are you ? ». « What if I say... Yes ? » said Martin, with a smile. « We have a world to save ! » exclaimed the Drow. « And you know I can't say no to someone in need... » pouted the Nord. Viconia made a pause, and finally said, « One night of delight, and we can go... ». Martin turned red, « Wait, what ?! ». The Drow put her arms around Martin's neck, getting closer to him, she said, « You heared right... » with a playfull smile.
The next thing happen in their room. Martin was passing his hands over Viconia's back. Rubbing every of her curves. They were covered in sweat from the ambiant heat and their... activity. Viconia made a delighted grunt. « You really like my massage... » Martin said, laughting lightly. « You should never had made me discover that part of you. » she responded, enjoying every of his touch. Martin smiled and warned her, « Crack ! » and pushed with his two thumb on the end of Viconia's back, upon cracking a little, Viconia's body relaxed, while she, dive her head in the pillow. Martin gave a light kiss on her long elven ear and whispered, « Finished. ». Viconia complained « Does it have to ? », while Martin was taking his place beside her. She, then, jumped on top of him and kissed him with lust. When their lips parted, Martin said, « You know we should take some rest, right ? ». « Knowing and wanting, is totally different, mrann d'ssinss. » she answered, kissing him again. Martin knew he could not stop her, and in fact, he wouldn't want her to.
In the morning, the two adventurers woke up full of energie, and departed for the Silverfall mine.
Upon arriving at the mine, Martin felt something, a chill got down his spine. This mine had something... It was... weird.
They entered, and the first thing Martin saw was... nothing... the mine was as dark as possible. Even Viconia, who was a Drow, an underground elf, had dificuties to see. Martin got a torch out, and they saw the mine. It seemed to have been abandoned for many years now, cogwebs were everywhere. The couple began walking. They walked on a wooden corridor, when they heared a cracking. All of a sudden, the wooden floor under their feets broke, and the two adventurers got forcefully deeper in the mine.
After a long fall, they were lucky to end up in an underground lake. They quickly got out of the cold water. Once on the ground, Martin asked Viconia if she was alright. « Except for the cold water... I'm fine... and you ? » she asked. « I must admit that the water was cold... Besides the fact my armor must have half the lake in it... I'm good... » he jocked.
They decided to make a fire and dry their armors before anything else. Martin took some wood from a nearby construct and started a fire, while Viconia was removing her damp armor, fortunately for her, it was mostly in metal, so it was not too water keeping. Martin took off his armor as well and spun its furs to get the most water he could out. After some minutes close to the fire, Martin began to shiver. Viconia laughed lightly, got closer to him, and asked, « Cold ? You ? Am I dreaming of something ? ». « Ho shut it... It's not you who whore the fur, cold, damp, armor. » said Martin with a smile and a shiver. The Drow, again, got closer, and started to cuddle with him, « It's just... I never saw you feeling cold before. » she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
After what seemed to be an hour, the fire stopped, and the two of them got dressed. The torch was damp, so Martin had to follow Viconia, who was seeing pretty good this time. They began to walk, but then, a clanging sound made itself heard and a flash was seen. « What was that ?! » said Martin, preparing his swords. « Something feels odd here... » added Viconia, sword ready. « Let's not waste more time then... » continued Martin. And they resumed searching a way out. After a little more walking. They arrived in a small room, at its center was a table with two chairs, and some books on it. Upon entering it, a weird sound began, like someone using a bow to play a luth of something, and two skeletons appeared, sitting in the two chairs, but the two corps desapeared after some seconds. « Gods... what just happened ?! », said Viconia, still having some dificulties to understand what had happened. « I really don't like it... let's look at the books, maybe one of them will give us something interesting. » responded Martin, walking to the table to look at the books. Only one of them was of some help, it was the diary of a miner. It explained that the mine seemed like normal for the first days they were in, but that things got weirder and weirder by the weeks, that some sound was heared regulary, usually acompanying the events. Making the link between these informations and what happened was not dificult. They decided to resume their way up the mine. After passing through many other coridors in the mine, always ending up on a dead end. They saw a hole in the ground, and a light emanating from it. They had no choice, they jumped in it, and ended up in a small river. Following it's stream, they got out of the water, Martin and Viconia's boots were flic flocing as she say, « Great ! Now we are sure we will get a cold... ». « And we can't make a fire here... » sighed Martin. « Let's keep moving... » added the Drow.
Again, they resumed their way. Getting in a new corridor, they saw some kind of ghost, a floating skeleton with dark bones, and dark mist getting out of it. All of a sudden, the sound made itself heard, and the ghost disapeared, the way ahead of them got stuck by rocks, and something cracked behind them. The two turned around, seeing that another skeleton ghost was here. It entered by destroying a wooden wall and revelating a new passageway. After killing it, they entered the only way they had.
Continuing their way, they found a wide, new mineshaft. After walking it for some seconds, the same ghost apeared and a flash of black light transported the couple in a weird room. It was small, with only one door. Without a word, Martin opened it, instantly they ended up in a new room, with two doors. Viconia opened one of them and they ended up in another room, with three doors. And that followed like that, until they end up in a long corridor. They walked down it, every 2 meters, the clang noise could be heard, and each time, something new appeared and disapeared. Once, it was some blood stain. Other times, a moving wooden manequin. Other time, the two at the same time. Martin and Viconia both saw more frightening things in their lives, but they had to admit that, they were unconfortable. They finally saw the end of the corridor. They passed the door and ended up in a misty field, with a house in it's center.
Seeing that, Martin exclaimed « What in Talos' name is happening ? ». They couldn't go anywhere else, so they tried to enter the house. Unfortunately, it was locked. But Martin was full of surprise, he got a lockpick and a knife out, and began trying to unlock the door. After several failed attenpt, Viconia have had enough. She kicked down the door and entered. « Very sneaky, my love... » said Martin. « Look who is saying this. » she answered, lovingly hitting his arm.
Once inside the house, they were surprised to see that it was bigger on the inside. Martin gave a light laugh and said, « What's next ? A blue box who can travel through time and space ? », prompting Viconia to laugh a little too. They searched the house, and stopped at a chest in the bassement. When Martin was about to touch it, a stomping noise appeared and the chest ended up behind them, at the edge of the stairs. They approached it again, and it fled again. This continued until the chest was cornered in the first floor. Martin opened it and heared skeletons noise. He and Viconia turned around again and destroyed the two skeletons in no time. Martin, then, resumed searching the chest. He only found a key. The only thing they couldn't check was a locked room, maybe it was the good key.
It was, indeed, the good key. They found a diary and a bed in the room. They read the diary and found out that a thing, called the chaos stone, was responsible of what happened here. The stone was belived of being immaterial, and reachable only by someone's head. Viconia had no idea what to do next, and neither did Martin.
After many minutes of thinking, Martin had an idea, « I know ! If we sleep, maybe we could fight the stone, and destroy it ! ». « This is crazy. » said Viconia. « So is this place ! What does it cost to try ? » responded Martin. Viconia made a little pause and finally said, « Point taken... ». The two of them, then, tryed to sleep. After some minutes trying, they finally succeded.
Awakening in front of a big stone. They prepared themselfs to destroy what seem to be the chaos stone.
Martin hitted it with one of his sword, and had a shocking return, a shockwave counterhitted him and a bunch of skeletons appeared.
Once destroyed, some storm altronach showed up, shocking the hell out of them before they could even react. They got on their knees while the altronach were closing in. The lightnings were getting through Martin and his shock resist enchanted gauntlets were not powerfull enough to counter them. Martin had no more choices, he tryed to shout, but he couldn't, the shock was too powerfull. What he saw next was Viconia, getting up desprite the pain, and jumping on an altronach, planting her sword through it's ''face''. The other was distracted enough to try hitting her, but she hitted it with her fist, destroying it's head. As the gauntlet not be here, she couldn't had done it. She walked to Martin and held out a hand, helping him up. « How ? » he managed to ask through his pained body. « Pain is a handmaiden to my poeple... It was almost nothing... » she simply responded. Martin gave a light laugh and said « Remind me to never piss you off... ». Their peace was cut short by a skeleton sound. The ghost they saw so many time was here, alone. Martin had just the time to push Viconia out of it's lightning. Without a wait, he shouted, « WULD ! », cutting through the specter and destroying it.
It should have been the chaos stone's avatar, because once destroyed, Martin and Viconia woke up at the same time, in the inn's room. They looked at each other and asked in unison « Chaos stone dream ? », and responded, in unison again, « Yeah... ». The two of them laughed and looked at each other, Martin jocked, « No more odd alcohol mix before sleep... ». Viconia laughed too and responded, « I'll remember this. » she got her head on Martin's chest and fell back to sleep.
Before sleeping too, Martin saw something on the table, a key that looked familiar, just like the one in the house.
(ENG) Rise of a legend. Halloween special.
Hello everyone! Here is a little something that I wrote for Halloween! Have fun reading it^^
Chapter 15 : The Dragon and the child.

Right above Viconia was a black Dragon, as black as night. Faye being out of combat, Paarthurnax being nowhere to be seen. Viconia was alone to defend Martin against the world eater, Akatosh's first born, alone against Alduin !
Viconia got her bow out and prepared an arrow. Unfortunately, the Dragon shouted first, « ZUN ! » making the Drow let loose of her weapons, and shouted again, « FUS ! » making her bow and sword slip on the end of the mountain. The big Dragon landed, and approached the Drow. Looking at her with his big, piercing, red eyes.
His look was heavy, full of power, and strenghtened of his centuries of existence. For the fist time in her life, the Drow had to admit it, her foe was imposing.
Alduin was walking for Martin, not noticing Viconia anymore. Without thinking, she jumped between him and Alduin.
The Dragon laughed and said « What do you think you are doing, joor ? It's pathetic. », the Dragon prepared a new shout. Viconia searched with her eyes everywhere, searching for anything to help her, but it was too late, she heard the 'Fire Breath', « YOOL TOOR SHUL ! ». She closed her eyes by reflex, but did not felt the fire.
She opened her eyes, seeing Paarthurnax, protecting them with his own body and prepared to fight his own kind. « Paarthurnax ! », exclaimed Alduin. « I will protect Dovahkiin ! » shouted back the old dragon. « No joor can be protected from me ! » exclaimed Alduin again, stretching his neck and biting one of Paarthurnax's wing. The old Dragon sreamed his pain, but kept protecting the two mortals.
Alduin was feed up of it, and summoned a meteor rain. Paarthurnax took them, as he can. Viconia jumped out of the protection of the Dragon to go take her weapons, dodging meteor on meteor. She jumped to take her weapon. Unfortunately, she calculated wrong her jump and rolled out of the peak, her bow in one hand and the other on the border.
Alduin saw her and decided to take her out for good. He prepared a shout, begining « YOO- ». But got cut by a blaster fire. Viconia looked up. Faye was flying above her, with rocket boots. She flew to Viconia and grabed her. « You did not through I would let you have all the fun ? » she said with a smile. « Not even a second. » answered the Drow, smiling too. The two women got to Martin's side, in front of Paarthurnax.
Preparing to fight again. They saw the Dragon's wound heal. « Gods damn it ! Without Martin, we can't harm him ! » grunted Viconia. « Of course you can harm him ! » said a familiar voice. Martin was out of his trance, his greatsword ready. Without any more wait, he used his new shout, 'Dragonrend', « JOOR... ZAH FRUL ! », a shockwave hit Alduin, who voiced his pain, « Draaf ! ».
Martin charged on Alduin, cutting a part of his face. The nord runned on the monster's side. Using that the Dragon was stunned. Martin jumped to cut the Dragon's head. But the weakened beast, hitted him with his wing, screaming « NO ! I am the first born of Akatosh ! I am Alduin ! I can not be beaten ! Not here ! Not by you ! » and, the beast flew off.
Martin was on the ground. Knocked out by the hit he just got. Viconia was the first to run to him. « Mrann d'ssinss ! ». Checking his pulse, she sighed in relief and took him in her arms. Lifting him to go back to the temple. Before the depart, she asked Paarthurnax if he knew where Alduin had fled. The Dragon explained to her that Alduin was off to Sovngarde to heal himself with the mortal's soul. He explained that only one of his ally could lead them here. Not knowing where to find one of Alduin's ally, Faye and Viconia got down, Martin still knoked out in Viconia's arms
Getting through the blizzard and arriving to the temple. Viconia explained the situation to the Grey-Beards, who proposed them to use Dragonreach, in Whiterun, to trap a Dragon in it. Their way was decided, Viconia and Faye began to walk with Martin, still knocked out, for Whiterun, to ask the Jarl for help.
During their trip, Faye looked regulary at Martin, in Viconia's arms, and at the Drow.
She finally started the conversation. « Shouldn't it be better to wait for him to wake up ? », « We should not waste time... » said Viconia, looking at the ground. « We can't carry him like that forever... ». At those words, Viconia got pissed off, « I'll carry him as long as he need to be carryed ! ». « I didn't mean it like- » started Faye. « I can't leave him ! » interupted Viconia. « Just... Take some rest, the night is arriving, and you carry Martin for kilometers. » said Faye with an worried tone. Viconia looked up, finally seeing the night taking place.
The young women decided to make a camp. Viconia putted Martin close the fire. Faye said, « He is out for a while now... He should wake up soon. », Viconia did not said a thing and gave a light nod. After a quick meal, she fell asleep next to her lover, exausted from all that has happened.
The next day, Viconia woke up, feeling like something disapeared. Feeling proved, for Martin was not here anymore.

Next, chapter 16 : The council.
(ENG) Rise of a legend. Chapter 15.
The end of Alduin is being closer than ever now! I can't wait to bring you the final fight against him^^
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A whole month without any post of some sort. I'm sorry about that... Just so you know, I'M BACK IN BUSINESS!
You may ask, "Ya did nothing this month?", and I'll answer... "Pretty much... yeah." But! I can explain myself!
You must know something about me... This is very, very, very, VERY, dangerous to make me see, even a 5 min scene, of a super-hero serie of my childhood... I spend the whole month viewing the "justice league of america" animated serie. With that, and the other series I'm in... I did not had time to translate anything... But this was not for nothing! I got a bunch of new ideas for the "rise of a legend" serie! Ideas you'll see when we'll get to the galaxie part =P
Anyway, the next chapter should be translated for, at last, the friday of this week^^

Hope you'll excuse me for not posting anything...
By the way, the request are still open! feel free to note me if you want one! (I don't have any at the moment, so my time is all yours^^)

That being said... Let's write and translate!
Long live imagination!


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