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Initializing primary systems... completed...
Loading skills modules... completed...
Check-up data base... completed...
Check-up agility engines... completed...
Memorial compilation... incomplete : humanity history... incomplete. Personal memory... empty.

That is the first thing I remember : A black screen with those things written.
I opened my eyes for the fist time. I was in some sort of capsule. It opened up to let me out. It was the only thing that produced light in the room I was in. Blindly walking, I activated my eye sensors' night vision.
A laboratory, that is all this room looked like. Not a sound, not a single instruction was given to me.
What am I? Human robot prototype : project Ares. Those words came up to me. I decided to get out the room.
Walking in the unknown corridors of this research center thing, I began to compile the data I could find in the rooms I visited. It seems that I am the last prototype of the Ares project : It aim to create robots that could do high risks spying and military missions. Robots that could fade between the humans. My 'Father' seems to be called Archibalde D'Orléans.
Searching a little more, I found a locker. Dusting it a little I opened it to reveal clothes. Luckily, they were a my size. Seeing that I had none, I put on the black jumpsuit and leather boots.
After some more time, I found the exit. Having found nothing more in the building, I decided to go see the outside world.
Sneak peek : project Ares
Here is a little sneak peek of what I've been up to lately : Project Ares. A human robot wake up in a post apocalyptic world. Knowing little to nothing of it, what could happen?
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Hello Deviantart! *look at the title * ...What? What you mean I didn't even finished all the stories that I already do? ...oh well...
Anyway, a new story in a totally original univers is on the way, I plan it to be about 10 chapters and I'll release then in less time that you can say that I'm a lazy ass writer! You'll have a little sneak peek later in the day so stay tuned! Hope you'll like it!^^
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Alright... I'm late in everything... sorry... Some news!
I have written lots of chapter that should be up soon... I hope... and many of those chapters need to be translated into human language...
My video reviews a being revisited... again... I just really want to do the best I can, and being a perfectionist is difficulte when you're me... an incompetent dumbass =P
Again... lots of works at my dayjob now, and I don't want to use my freetime to translate chapter now...
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Before anything : I do this tag two time. first : this OC will appear in the Rise of a legend serie in a lonnnnnnng time. I'll keep it as much secret as possible. Second : this OC will also appear in the ROAL serie in, like, 3 chapters.


A) Choose an Oc.

B) Answer the questions as your Oc.

C) Add an extra question and answer.

D) Tag people please.


First OC

1. Hello! What's your name?
Hi, name's Alice.

2. How old are you?
I'm 18.

3. What food tempts you?
Mead cooked beef. Nothing less, nothing more.

4. Do you go to school?
I did, I was in college just a few years ago.

5. What animal are you or is most related to you?
I'd say... fire altronach.

6. Are you straight, gay, or what?
I'm bisexual actually, I don't see why I would bother myself with being only straight or gay.

7. Have you hurt anyone in anyway?
I did... to protect my sister, I had to... slightly burn a guy's back.

8. Have you killed someone before? (Preferably human)
Yes... It's a long story... Don't want to talk about it.

9. What class are you? (Low,medium,high)
Hum... None of them? I don't know... let's say, medium.

10. Strengths? (Speed,strength, etc.)
My affinity with magic.

11. Any family?
My two parents and little sister.

12.What're your hobbies?
To taste all life have to offer... I'm talking about food and drinks of course.

13. Got a crush?

14. Thought about marriage or kids?
I do... but right now... I don't know if my life could afford any of them.

15. Are you female, male, or both?
Female, duh.

16. Are you human, werewolf, ghost, etc.?
I'm half elven.

17. Any pet peeves?

18. Do you have any special abilities?
Well, my magic ability make me bend magic like it's nothing, I can do almost anything with magic energie.

19. Any nicknames?
Nope, not that I know of.

20. Birth defects?
None others than my magic ability

21. Do you have a pet, sidekick, partner of any kind?
Yep, my little sister, Jude.

22. When were you born?
Sorry, woman have to keep secrets... *wink *

23. What is something you would never do?
Run away or let a bad person hurt anyone.

24. What is the furthest place you ever been to?
I've been on many planets... I guess the farthest from Nirn would be a space station called Ashland in the Terminus systems.

25. What do you regret the most? (Additional question)
Not being here when my sister discovered her powers.


Second OC :

1. Hello! What's your name?

I'm Maxwell Crichton, nice to meet you.

2. How old are you?
I'll be 28 in a month.

3. What food tempts you?
I loooove strawberries! =D

4. Do you go to school?
Yep, but only the minumum of it, I stopped at the end of High School.

5. What animal are you or is most related to you?

6. Are you straight, gay, or what?

7. Have you hurt anyone in anyway?
I'm a bounty hunter, I did hurt poeple... even if I try not to.

8. Have you killed someone before? (Preferably human)
Like I said... it's one of the bad side of the work.

9. What class are you? (Low,medium,high)
Medium...I guess.

10. Strengths? (Speed,strength, etc.)
My stamina, speed and precision.

11. Any family?
Not anymore...

12.What're your hobbies?
I don't have any, besides taking a walk and play with cats.

13. Got a crush?
I do, but... As I didn't confess already, I'm not saying who it is!

14. Thought about marriage or kids?
Of course! Who didn't?!

15. Are you female, male, or both?
Male, know many girls named Maxwell? X)

16. Are you human, werewolf, ghost, etc.?
I'm half Sebacean.

17. Any pet peeves?
Dogs... I don't like them very much...

18. Do you have any special abilities?
Not really... I'm just well trained.

19. Any nicknames?

20. Birth defects?
Sometimes, I have difficulties with my body's temperature. I have the cold blood of a sebacean but the termal regulation glands of a human. I'm both cold and hot blooded.

21. Do you have a pet, sidekick, partner of any kind?
I often work with a trio of friends, but I mostly work alone.

22. When were you born?
On a 7th of July, almost 28 years ago.

23. What is something you would never do?
Leave someone in need behind.

24. What is the furthest place you ever been to?
I traveled across the univers and seen many worlds... I wouldn't have an answer to that.

25. If you could go speak to anyone (dead or not) for an hour, who would it be? (Additional question)
My father... He died before I can even remember him... All I know is the stories my mother told me about him... I have so much to say to him.

I tag: Everyone! You read this, you do this!^^
A peaceful night had taken place in the frozen plains near the sea of ghosts. Four figures were walking in a small blizzard.

Unlike the imperials that were escorting her, Aleena wasn't minding the cold, even for a Nord, she was quite resistant to the frost.
“How can you stand this cold?!” asked an Imperial
“I'm a Nord, what did you expect?” She responded
“Don't know, even Nord blood can't keep people war without help.”
“Maybe she wait for someone to keep here warm?” said another.
Aleena turned her blue eyes to look at the imperial “If you intent do keep your little balls on, imperial, that's the wrong way.”
“Ouch, that burn...” he said.
“Ha! She got you, Solas!” laughed the first imparial.
“Say Dunkan, who can't even tell his crush hel-.” began Solas
“Shut up! Both of you!” snapped the last one.
“Wha-?” began Dunkan.
“Shh! I feel something weird.” reiterated the captain.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and a big figure got out of the blizzard, running toward the team.
“Giant!” screamed the captain. Readying to block the giant's blow as he didn't had time to evade it.
Unfortunately, little can survive a giant's blow. The captain was torn to pieces, as did his armor. The only thing left was his shield and sword, now on the ground.
Aleena was behind Solas, “Untie me! I can help you to fight him!” she pleaded.
“So you can flee, or stab us in the back? No, thank you!” answered Solas, as Dunkan was killed by the giant.
“By the nine! Untie me already!” said Aleena.
“Killed for killed...” responded Solas, rolling his eyes and getting out a dagger to cut Aleena's tie.
Finally free, Aleena rubbed her wrist. The distraction of freedom caused her to almost forgot the giant. Fortunately for her, the ground shaking was a good reminder. Grabbing Solas, she jumped away with him to dodge the giant's blow.

Getting up she said “Too close. I need weapons!” She spotted the captain's shield and sword and ran to get them. Taking them, she saw Solas, dodging another blow. She took the sword and shield, and a dagger on the ground and ran for the giant. Before getting to him, the giant had the time to hit Solas, who flew away.
She took this opportunity to stab on of the giant's left knee and run her blade through the other.
The big guy fell, loosing balance, falling forward, Aleena had the time to take her sword out his knee and stab the giant's face, killing him. While taking back her breath, she walked to Solas, he had his back on a stone, alive.
“You really are a war-maiden.” he panted.
“And you didn't saw me with a battleaxe.” Smiled Aleena, helping Solas up, letting him take support on her shoulder.
“What are you doing?”
“Finding you a shelter, you're going to die of hypothermia if we don't.”
“Why help me? I'm your enemy...”
“Because enemy or not... you are courageous, you deserve respect for that.”
Solas smiled and said “Would this earn me a place in your be-”
“Don't make me hurt you more than you already are.” harshly responded Aleena.

Some minutes later, Aleena found a little cave, her and Solas made a pause and Aleena found some wood to light a fire for Solas to warm up.

Just after some more minutes,
Aleena asked, “How do you feel?”
“Great, I don't feel anything anymore.” smiled Solas.
Some seconds of silence occurred, then, Solas asked, “So, what's your name?”
“They don't have last names in Skyrim?”
“Yes they do, and no, I don't have one.” she responded.
“What about : Whitemane?” proposed Solas.
“Even worst.” laughed Aleena.
The laugh was cut short by a howling. A snow wolf was closing to the two exhausted warriors.
Aleena looked at him in the eye, and he did too. The animal and the Nord held looks for some seconds, then, the wolf closed in, and licked Aleena's face.
“How?” asked Solas.
“I never knew, but since I'm little, I can... make myself understand with wolfs...”
Solas began to laugh but coughed blood. “Damn.” he managed to say with his bloodied mouth, “I guess that the pain getting away was a sign of me, dying.” he continued.
“I'm sorry... If only I was good at restoration, I could have helped...”
“Don't worry about that, even the best couldn't help me... it's my internals that are hit... nothing could have make me lived more than an hour.”
“Do you have a last wish? Solas?” asked Aleena.
“Can I have a last kiss?” he winked.
Aleena smiled and pinched him on the right cheek.
“I guess it's a no...”
Aleena, then, kissed his forehead.
Solas smiled and said in his last breath, “Thanks... Aleena Wolftamer...”
“Wolftamer hu? I like it... thanks, Solas, my friend.” Said Aleena, caressing her friend wolf. “How could I name you? How about... Fenrir?” The snow wolf responded with a happy bark. “I need to sleep a little Fenrir.” Said Aleena, drifting to sleep without any choices.

Aleena awakened some time after, at the howling of Fenrir. “What's going on, boy?” she asked.
The outside weather was peaceful now and Aleena could see the use of magic.
Afraid of what could be going on, she decided to go see.
Aleena and Fenrir got close to the battle. Unfortunately, she was too late and only saw a girl fall. The others were only bandits by the look of it, and she decided to go sneak, to see if the woman was alright. The fact that the bandits were close forced her to be slow and easy on her footstep. Some meters after Aleena found the woman, holding somehow to a rock to prevent herself from falling in the waterfall behind her. Aleena ran quickly to her and grabbed her before she fell once more, but her best effort could not prevent her to fall unconscious from cold and injuries.
“We need to find a town to heal her.”
Fenrir barked in approval and they departed.

End of Chapter 1
co-fanfiction, Skyrim. Chapter 1.
This is a first for me, it's a skyrim co-fanfiction wich is related with :iconthese-dark-faces: 's work. This is chapter 1, an introduction to my Dovahkiin : Aleena Wolftamer. I hope you'll like reading it=)
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Hello Deviantart! *look at the title * ...What? What you mean I didn't even finished all the stories that I already do? ...oh well...
Anyway, a new story in a totally original univers is on the way, I plan it to be about 10 chapters and I'll release then in less time that you can say that I'm a lazy ass writer! You'll have a little sneak peek later in the day so stay tuned! Hope you'll like it!^^


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