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Hello everyone, I wright this in a hurry. My computer's fan just went down. Here's what's happening : I'll be totally away for a week, in order to fix it. Meaning, that, I'll have no stories to submit because I can't write them without my computer. In other words, see you all in a week with all my apologies.
Returning at Solitude from her journey, Shy was thinking back about it. She just saved a cursed orc tribe. Their chief had to slay giants in order to restore Malacath's trust in them. Chief Yamarz died like a puppy against a saber cat, facing the giant, as Shy through it would be. She saw it at first sight, Yamarz was not suited to be chief of the stronghold, too far from being a good warrior, how he came to gain right to be chief is a mystery to her. But what intrigued her is what happened next. She returned to Malacath's shrine in the stronghold with the giant's hammer as a trophy. The daedric lord claimed Shy to be his champion and gave her a hammer, but in his voice, something felt... weird... She couldn't point it out exactly, but she felt something in her, and in his voice. She couldn't find it. Hearing steps behind her, she shook those thinks out of her head to look at its origin. This was a courier.
“Got a message for you.” he said handing her a piece of paper. “Here you go, have a good day!” he finished, departing.
How they find her everytime is an even bigger mystery than Malacath to her.
Opening the paper, she read that the Jarl of Falkreath requested her help.
It's been little time since she departed from the tribe's stronghold, she could make a detour to see what help the Jarl needed.

She finally arrived at the peaceful town of Falkreath. She entered the Jarl's longhouse and had been greeted almost immediately after closing the door.
“Ah, Shy, you're here, good.”
“Hello, Jarl, you requested my help on a matter?” she said, lightly bowing in respect.
“Yes, please follow me.” asked the Jarl.
The two of them entered the war room where an imperial Legat was.
The Nord turned to Shy with an interrogative look.
“This is the woman I talked to you about.” commented the Jarl
“Ho... Sorry, I didn't expect you to come this quick. I'm Legat Skulnar, pleased to meet you.” he said, saluting her.
She returned the salute and responded “Legat Shy. What seem to be the problem? For the Jarl to ask me to come...”
“In the last week, I lost half of my guards.” said the Jarl
“And six soldiers.” added Skulnar
“How come?!” asked Shy, chocked to hear there was such loss without any rumors spreading through Skyrim.
“One of my townsman reported weird noises from a Burrow nearby. I sent some men to investigate, but none of them returned. Then, we sent a search party with the Legate, but none of them have gave sign of life...”
“So you want me to investigate the matter, is that it?”
“Yes, I'll adjoin you one of my best warrior.”
“You asked for me, Legat?” asked a big voice.
“Ha, Sokir, perfect.” said Skulnar.
Turning to look at the newcomer, Shy saw an impressively big Redguard.
“This is Shy.” presented the Jarl. “The Legat and I want you to team up with her and go investigate the Irkbaan Burrow, search for our men, and, if possible, stop whatever is going on in here.”
“Whoa whoa whoa.” stopped the Redguard. “This girl is the warrior you were waiting for? Might as well sent me alone in here.”
“Sokir!” scolded Skulnar before getting stopped by Shy.
“If you, so much, think you can do it alone, just go! I dwell those kind of ruins all the time and have dealt with many matters. If I learnt one thing, it's that someone full of himself is the first to get killed. Continue with that attitude and I'll personally deal with your superiority!” said Shy, looking in Sokir's eyes.
The Redguard kept Shy's look.
“Sokir, you're going to be under Shy's order.” added the Legat.
“What? Why?!” he asked.
“First, she have more experience in ruins than you. Second, she's a Legat and you're a Quaester.” stated Skulnar.
While Sokir was visibly shocked to learn that what he saw like a weakling is a Legat. He didn't said a thing, instead he looked at his Legat and Shy with disbelief.
“No objection? Perfect, now go.” said Skulnar.

Sokir was still baffled and didn't said a word until they faced the Burrow.
“What happened to your full-of-yourself self?” asked Shy.
“Nothing. I just wasn't expecting you to be a Legat, sorry for earlier.”
Shy sighed, “Forget it. People underestimate me all the time. Let's investigate this tomb alright?”
Sokir silently nodded as they both entered the old ruin.
Once the doors closed and their eyes accustomed to the dark, they saw blood few meters from mummified corps.
Sokir was about to have a closer look when Shy stopped him. Unsheathing her sword, she impaled one of the corps with it.
The body moved a little, but fell dead soon enough.
“What the...?” began the Redguard.
“Draugr. Those ruins are filled with them. You can recognize them because off their weapons and blue glowing eyes. Kill them before they wake up.” answered Shy. “By the way, don't forget to look where you walk, there is often traps too.” she added.

After some more meters, they arrived at a big room filed with dead draugr and Guards.
Looking at the Nord's corps, Shy stated, “It must be the first party. The others should be more deeper.” While examining the corps, she saw weird burns on them, probably from magic, but what kind of magic could burn someone like that? It's like they burnt from the inside. Asking her partner to be cautious, they both resumed their way.

They soon found a corridor filed with pressure plates. Making their best to avoid activating them, Shy, unfortunately lost her balance and had to prevent herself from falling by pushing a stone from the wall. Stone that triggered a wooden ram to hit her from the side, launching her on the other side of the wall. Sokir made his best to hurry at her side.
“You okay?” he asked.
“Yeah, my armor took it all. Nothing hardier than an orc in heavy armor.” she said, getting up, her breath still a little sharp after getting cut like that.
They both resumed their trap avoiding routine and finally reached the end of this corridor.
They both sighed of relief right before they saw an arrow flying through the air, hitting a wall, and end up triggering all the pendulum-axe traps they avoided. They turned to see a big draugr. The undead was quite powerful, he blocked all attacks and almost cut the duo in half more than one time.
Shy have had enough of this, sheathing her sword, she unstrapped Malacath's hammer from her back and made the draugr take a few steps back. Seeing that, she had an idea, she asked of Sokir to go behind the draugr with her. Without a question, he managed to do it. Shy bashed at the undead, making it take few steps back again, closing it to the traps. The Redguard understood her plan and shield bashed it too. Taking more and more steps back, the draugr finally got cut in half by an axe.
The two ruin-dwellers caught their breath before getting deeper in the ruin.

Again a new room full of dead draugr and humans.
Imperial soldiers and guards. “The second party.” said Sokir. The corps were as bruised as the others were. But a awfully untouched one caught Shy's eyes. Looking at it, it was a High Elf, probably a dark wizard, his death seemed to have been caused by back stab.
“There seem to be more of this ruin than it seems.” guessed Shy.
“Take a look at that.” said Sokir, handling her an old paper.
“...And thus, thou shall be help captive from thy dead body, sleep, Irkbaan, priest of Sadonloknah...” She read out loud.
“What do you think it mean?” asked her partner.
“There is a Dragon Priest in this tomb... And he mustn’t be woke up.”
“What is a Dragon Priest?”
“A miserable pile of secret... I don't know how they survived, but some of them are like draugr. Except they have magic powers. Powerful enough to fly and fire lightnings at you. And stand most of your hit before dying and falling into dust. If someone is waking one up, we need to stop him.” explained Shy.
As Sokir loudly swallowed, Shy motioned for them to go on.

Soon enough, they heard people. At the corner of a room, they heard, “...Free you from thy stone prison. Thou shall rise again. We call upon thy. Irkbaan. Wake up from thy slumber.” called a Dark Elf, ready to cut open one of his hand with two of his acolytes.
Sokir jumped out of cover to charge at him. Unfortunately, the Redguard got hit by a strange lightning, knocking him out. Said lightning was bright blue and emanated from the dark elf's staff. Shy was still undercover, but she couldn't let Sokir risk his life like that once more. She too, jumped out and destroyed the head of one of the other wizard with one blow. The blood he dropped on the tomb made the room shake. Everyone lost balance and the sarcophagus opened, letting the dragon priest out.
While she regained her balance, the Dark Elf got on one knee and offered his staff to the undead mage.
It's decrepit hand took it. It, then, aimed at the Elf and fired it. Unleashing a even more powerful burst of energy. Electrifying the poor mage. The same burns as the bodies they found appeared on him. Some kind of blisters formed on his skin and soon, his grey skin became fully dark, and his body couldn't even move from the lightnings anymore.
The priest turned its staff to the remaining mage and fired once more. Giving Shy time to wake Sokir up.
She didn't succeeded, and stopped trying when she heard the staff no more.
Turning over to the priest, she saw it on the ground, recuperating his lost powers. She understood that the staff took him all his magic.
She prepared her hammer and said to the undead, “Need a little pick-me-up?” running to him.
She was about to deal the blow when it used a magic barrier. Upon hitting it, it blew up, blinding Shy for some seconds.
When she opened her eyes again, she saw the priest flying and heard it say, “Zu'u los Irkbaan! Hi los nid mal graag riil!”
She charged at it while answering, “I have no idea.” “What you're saying.” “Old one.” after each blow that it easily dodged. After the last hit, it unleashed normal lightnings through its free hand, screaming, “Suleyk! Vokesaal suleyk!” with his voice from beyond the grave.
While Shy was using her hammer's metal handle to direct the lightnings away the best she could, she saw a finally awake Sokir get behind the priest. He managed to hit it hard enough to disorient it.
Letting Shy run and jump in the air. She aimed for it's head, unleashing a war cry before crushing it's head with her hammer. “And stay dead!” she said, looking at it's body turning to dust.
The duo was taking their breath back while Shy commented to Sokir “You came to it at the right time there, thanks.”
“Don't mention it.” he responded, “let's get back to town, I need something to drink.” he added.
And so, they exited the tomb.
“Who do you think they where?” asked Sokir.
“Too late to ask them, you know.” answered Shy.

Back in town, they both got congratulated on a work well done and got to finally have some time to take a break.
Well, quick break for Shy, because an old enemy soon caught up to her.

The End
Art trade : Shy's little adventure
Hey everyone! This week is not gonna be a death of the dragonborn, but an art trade I do for :iconladarka117: I present to you her Dovahkiin, Shy. If you want to learn more about Shy, don't forget to check :iconladarka117: 's profile, her artworks and comics are worth it!
The night was deep for Mah'ika, but for Iona... She couldn't help it, her frustration against Lawhawk's words... and the way she felt... like Lawhawk was hiding... something...
She couldn't sleep, so she decided to go to the armory, take care of her equipment.
She was adjusting her shield's gripes when she heard Sa'shar's voice, “She gave you a bad time eh?”
Iona was surprised to ear him, but stayed focus on her task, “She had quite the words to enrage me, that all.”
“Don't take it personally, she always want to see what others are capable off, but that's the only way she know how to.”
“You mean she's like that to everyone? What a hell.” falsely mocked Iona.
“Well, that way, you can say that she knows who to trust.”
“Who does she trust then?”
“All of us, you too it seems.”
“Who is she, really?” asked Iona after a little silence.
“Juliette Joorson Septim.” responded Lawhawk's voice as she entered the conversation.
Hearing the emperor's name as well as the hero of Cyrodiil's, Iona was baffled. “You mean...”
“I'm the great grand daughter of Orn Joorson, and Martin Septim.”
“Didn't expect that.”
“Nobody ever.” smiled Sa'shar.
“Questions answered, now you two go sleep.” ordered Juliette in a strong voice.
Sa'shar obeyed her as Iona kept working her shield.
“I said, the two of you.”
“And I never said yes. Let me work. I can't sleep anyway.”
Lawhawk sighed, “To think you were renowned for your beauty as well as your skills...”
“Look at you, you're a mess. Dark circled and tired eyes, hairs roughly cut, you can still fight well, but for how long?” stated Juliette.
“Long enough.”
“I lost more than you can think, kid, I know how much of a mess it can left you as, trust me. Take breaks, simple things, don't do what you do.”
“And what am I doing?”
“You're destroying yourself. Trying to worn out, so you can secretly follow Nora down.”
“How do you...?”
“Know of her? Before getting killed, her family was nobles of Cyrodiil, of course I knew. But mostly, I can read it in you, kid, you loved her, but she married another.”
“A man she didn't love... she died in his arms instead of mine.” said Ioan tightening her fists' grip on her axe, which she was now verifying.
“It was expected of her. Now stop it, go sleep, and if tomorrow I see you tired, forget my help.” ordered Juliette, pointing the exit to Iona.

Once in her bed, Iona through of what Lawhawk said : “Look at you, you're a mess. Eyes tired, hairs roughly cut, you can still fight well, but for how long?” those words entered her mind and she began to feel it, the tiredness Juliette talked about, she was helplessly dragged into sleep.
Iona woke from her slumber when she heard the sound of armors. Soon, Juliette entered her room. “Get ready kid, meet me at the war room in an hour. Take a bath and be battle ready by the time.” Before exiting.
Mah'ika was, himself, all ready.
Iona just came out of her bath and looked at herself in a mirror, those words echoed again in her head, “You're a mess”. “Maybe I'll take care of that after”, she through, arranging her hairs a little.
Observing her eyes, she noticed the look she gave herself for the first time since Nora's death. She looked tired beyond measure, and mostly, there was a indescribable sadness in her eyes.
She had to snap out of her auto-analysis, she had to take on her armor and go.
Now in the war room, Lawhawk explained her plan to everyone. Cheydinhal was already to them. But they had to march up to the imperial city, the center of Cyrodiil. While the forces will attack and take every other town, Cheydinhal's forces will be given open gates by the Empire to kick the Thalmors out of the country.
“The Imperials will let us do that?” said Iona, surprised.
“Of course, they want the Thalmors out as much as anyone.” responded Juliette, she pointed at a part of the city on the map, “Here, is the Thalmor Dominion HQ. Iona, you, me and our two Khajiit friends will go in front line. Entering the HQ by the back door, we will kill the Dominion's chief that are still in here. The others will be outside, fighting against our forces.”
“That's a pretty aggressive plan...” commented Iona.
“That's how you fight an enemy like the Thalmors.” Ended Lawhawk, walking to be out of the war room.
She faced her, now ready, army and began a speech.
“Everyone! As you know, we are going to kick the Thalmors out today!”
Her army cheered.
“Diplomacy failed to gain this war peacefully, the empire had to make a decision : to die, or follow the Dominion. Those elves who claim to be our masters... let them taste a little rebellion! Taste our freedom!”
Her army cheered again.
“Let me present to you someone.” Juliette turned to Iona and motioned for her to come. She shyly arrived, facing hundreds of soldiers, ready to fight. “This is Iona Northsan! The Rogue Stormcloak! She came to help us get Cyrodiil back. And in return, we'll help get the Thalmors out of High Rock.  She faced many dangers, only to seek our help in return for this. I'll ask you if you're okay with it, but first...” she turned to Iona and asked her to speak.
She nodded, took two steps forward and a deep breath.
“Like Lawhawk said, I am here to help you all get the Thalmors out. As you know, I'm considered a traitor to the Stomcloak. It is true. I followed a different way Ulfric did. He took the same way of the Thalmors to stop them... I'm here now to seek help of Cyrodiil to liberate High Rock, which is being invaded as we speak. Ulfric turned down a diplomatic alliance with them, but I didn't! I admit it's being selfish of me to ask that, especially considering what I did as a Stormcloak... But I'll ask all of you... once the Thalmor are out of Cyrodiil, will you help me get High Rock, and later, Skyrim back?”
The soldiers stood idle, some whispering.
“What say you men?” asked Juliette.
“Will you help me take Tamriel back?! Will you be who the people are waiting for? Will you liberate our all beloved country? Will you make Talos, proud of all of us?” Added Iona.
All the soldiers lifted their weapons and cheered out with all of their might. Screaming “Count on us!” to Iona.
She was relived to hear that, she allowed her breath of anticipation out and smiled.
“Smiles suits you well, kid.” said Juliette, putting one hand on Iona's shoulders, she added, “And you have what it takes to be a good army leader.”
Surprised of Lawhawk's words, Iona could only say “Thanks...?”

All the troops were ready now, they all marched to the imperial city. All equipped, Juliette got in her armor. A seemingly new, Stalhreim armor. On the road, Iona asked about it, Juliette answered that it's the last armor her great grandmother made. That's right, Iona heard stories about the hero of Cyrodiil being a Skaal Nord from Solesteim and a skilled Blacksmith, but never had she believed it to be at the point a hundred year old armor to still look new.
They all entered, making sound of fight to make the Thalmors get out of their HQ. All went according to plan when they arrived at the building. “Are you all ready?” asked Lawhawk looking at everyone. They all nodded as she kicked the door opened, skewering the guard with her rapier. While Iona charged, her shield raised, Mah'ika and Sa'shar both cup Thalmors throats open with their daggers. Building their way up the officers quarters, they felt the defenses to be more and more hard, each passing floors. Soon, they encountered strong forces up here.
Hid behind walls, Thalmor archers opened fire at them
“I wasn't expecting them to throw oil barrels and arrows at the same time.” exclaimed Iona.
“Just watch me kid.” smiled Juliette as she jumped out of cover. Opening her free hand, she unleashed a fireball at a flying barrel. Making it explode in midair, she ran up the stairs, running through the fire as well as destroying the Thalmors' defenses. While she as her rapier through the armor of an elf, Sa'shar jumped out of cover too, followed by the two others.
Two more floors and the barrels became boulders and mages.
“How did they even got those?!” said Iona.
“The whole tower is made of stone, kid!” exclaimed Juliette.
“Can you protect me from the spells?” she asked.
Lawhawk changed magic and spread a field around Iona, “Now hurry, I will take as much as I can, but my magic is limited.” she said, visibly maintaining the spell.
The red-head got out of cover, deflecting the rocks with her shield. Now up the stairs, she decapitated all the mages before they could use a spell and soon had the soldiers' corps down the stairs.
Midway in the next stairs, Iona asked “How much floors left to be cleared?”
“The last one is ahead of us.”

They arrived at the last floor, there was no defenses. On their guard, they investigated it. It was empty, but then, it didn't seem like they all fled, they all left their plans on the tables. Like they just vanished. Iona was looking outside, the window to see that the army got rid of the Dominion's forces. Lawhawk asked her to come over the table. On it was a map of High Rock.
“Seems like they left their plans on sigh.” stated Iona.
“It feel weird, kid.” said Juliette.
They all heard the sound of a dagger being draw, but before she knew it, Iona had an elven dagger in her side.
Lawhawk had just enough time to be surprised and unsheathe her rapier before hearing more daggers. She had the reflex to turn and quickly kill the one she heard behind her and turn to see Iona's attacker threw her on the floor and prepare to go for Juliette. But too late, he had his heart pierced while the two remaining felt their respective targets behind them and nothing more.
They all got to Iona's side while she held her wound as she could, feeling her stamina unexpectedly falling to zero as well as her field of view.
“Kid!” said Juliette, now compressing her injury for her.
Sa'shar looked at the dagger and examined it. “Poison! We need to stop it quick!” he exclaimed.
Mah'ika, quickly took a vial out of his pocket, lifting her head as Lawhawk tried to use the little magic she had left to heal Iona.
“Don't die on us, my friend. Skyrim is counting on you, we all count on you.” he said to her, trying to make her drink. But the sour liquid dropped on the floor.
“No. No no no! Drink it! My friend, you must!” began to panic Mah'ika.
As Juliette stopped using her magic, he began to let lose of Iona. Putting her head down and looked at her. White veins had climbed up her neck. Looking, he saw them begin to look normal again. He soon saw that the once full mouth of Iona was now empty, observation soon followed by coughing from her.
“My friend! You did it!” said Mah'ika with a smile.
She grabbed him by his thief armor and pulled him close, “Don't. Ever. Make me. Drink that. Again.” she intoned with all her terrifying self.
“She's fine.” said Lawhawk with a smile and an helping hand to Iona.
She took it and got offered a shoulder to hold on.
“Alright... now that's a mess.” said Iona, looking around her.
“That's called a fight, kid.” said Juliette.
“Ha! I call that a warm up, old one.” laughed Iona.
“Don't call me old, kid.”said Lawhawk in a inquisitor tone.
“Alright... mother of Hagravens.”
“I feel like someone is getting down these stairs on her own.” joked Juliette. As she walked Iona to the stairs.
As Sa'shar and Mah'ika both shrugged, Iona looked at the table where the plans were before beginning their exit of the tower. On the way down, she said, “I guess those plans were fake...”.
“Most likely, kid...”

Just outside, all her soldiers and imperial ones saluted them, as they all made them a guard of honor while they all cheered at the victory.
The four of them walked to their horses while Iona said, “I could get used to those.”
“A bigger one is waiting for you after High Rock, you better get to like them, 'cause that's what you get when you free a country.” said Lawhawk as she helped Iona on her horse.
Hit again. by morfintyrael
Hit again.
France is hit again. I'm lucky that my friends and family didn't get involved in this... but I can only say to others, how much I'm sorry for their loss.

I don't know what they're trying to do, but they seriously begin to piss me off! Stop attacking like that you fanatics! All you're going to do is unleash our fire power! And when I say our, I mean Europe. We may be a bunch of old countries, but we can still fight like hell!
I'm affraid that we take the ways that lead to war again, but still, it's either fight, or get destroyed.
How many time do you have to kill to understand that your god would never ask you to attack others?
How many death do you want to see?
You are not martyr, or fighting for what you think, you're just killing mindlessly...
Having a consciousness is supposed to be what separate us from animals... instead, you just go more and more closer to the devil.
Everyone, take care, and don't be afraid, that's what they want. Continue to live and love. Never bow to anyone like those men! Be the resistants! Be their nightmare! Be the one they fear! Not because you hate them, but because they can't even touch you enough to make you move!
After three days in the wild, Iona finally found her hometown, Riften. Surprisingly enough, the security was not much more drastic than before. Anyways, she couldn't enter by the main gate now, could she?
She still had the keys to Honeyside, Nora's house. Seeing the guards, she saw only one possibility to reach Honeyside's outside door : go underwater, then, by the small docking bay.
Heavy armors are good for that in the matter, they allowed her to easily stay underwater. She was getting out of breath when she finally reached her objective. Climbing the small dock, she managed to enter Honeyside without getting caught.
Entering it, she soon heard talks from downstairs.
Preparing her weapons, she sneaked her way down. What a relied she had when she saw Brynjolf and cie, and no guards. Upon sheathing her weapons, they all turned to her.
Everyone was battle ready, except Brynjolf, seeing Iona's wet self, he got by her side, asking himself out loud, “Lass? What happened?” Offering her a cloth to use as a towel.
Wiping her face, she answered the thief. “I had to go by the water to enter. What are you doing in here?”
All the thieves looked at each others before a white haired woman answered, “Don't act like you don't know! Your Stormcloaks friends blasted through all the ragged flagon, killing everything that moved. We're the only ones left alive.”
“By the nine...” said Iona in a breath.
“Excuse Vex, lass.” said Brynjolf. “Since her death... everything... just went from bad to worst.”
“I can relate to that...” huffed Iona.
“So that's true, you went rogue against Ulfric?”
Tightening her fists, Iona firmly answered “Yes.”
A bald man exclaimed “Martial laws are bad for business. If we can be of any help, just say it.”
“Well... that was easy...” everyone looked at Iona with intrigued look, “I came here for you all, I'm going to kick Ulfric out. But I'll need your help.”
“To kick Ulfric, you'll have to take care of the Stormcloaks... I hope you've got an army, lass...” said  Brynjolf.
“I'm going to get it just after you. To break through the defenses to take out Ulfric, I need thieves... the best there is in Skyrim...”
“Well, at last, you got me lass...”
“Me too...” added Delvin.
“Count me in!” exclaimed Vex.
There was but one thief who didn't answer, a young Khajiit with fur as dark as the night. “Mah'ika answers your call.”
“The thief guild is behind you, lass, when do we act?” asked Brynjolf.
“I can't say it to you now... I need to do two more things before acting here.”
“Which are...?”
“Getting the help of Cyrodiil and liberating high rock with the Breton knights.”
“As crazy as your former lover are you, lass?” Iona simply smiled, while Brynjolf turned to Mah'ika. “Could you look after her for me?”
“You can count on that one.” answered the Khajiit, nodding in approval.

The thief guild got in easier than she through, not bad, it brought her closer to her goal.
After spending a night in Honeyside, Iona and her newly designated companion began their way to the country of Cyrodiil. They had to keep quiet all day, hiding from the patrols. They had passed the borders by noon, but they still had about a day of travel before finding Cheydinhal. The temperature outside was pretty good, and, even as the night closed in, it did not change much.
The two stopped and set up camp between two hills in the mountain path.
Iona was pocking the flames with a stick, thinking deep about how all of this could end up... But she couldn't stop now, not this far. Her thought got cut by Mah'ika, who just finished his fish, asked her, “What are we here for exactly?”.
“We need to get the rebels of Cyrodiil to help us.” responded Iona, like a machine, still pocking.
“What is the plan?”
“We find the Lawhawk, we convince him, we get prepared to free High Rock.” Iona, lifted her gaze on the cat-man. “So, what's your story?”.
“This one's story?” asked back Mah'ika, unprepared for such a question. Under Iona's eyes, the Khajiit's will broke and he began his tale. “There is not much to say about Mah'ika's story. This one was born in Skyrim without knowing his parents. Soon, his talents for sneaking made the dark brotherhood want him. As you might know... The assassins got wiped out. Free from them, Mah'ika soon traveled with other Khajiits, merchants, before entering the thief guild some years after, try to ignore one's nature and it comes rushing back, this one guess.”
“That's quite the story, actually.” answered Iona, realizing that, indeed, we often follow our nature despite our greatest efforts.
“And you, what tales have you?” asked the Khajiit.
“I...em... my story is nothing like yours. Simple childhood in Riften, got trained by my guard of a father and became Housecarl for Thane Nora Raunbag.” saying her name made Iona remember her face, a smiling face she gave after their first kiss, soon replaced by her deceased one, empty eyes, blood at the side of her lips. Without knowing, her gaze returned to the fire and she became silent.
Mah'ika felt he opened fresh wounds in her, didn't said a thing more, and got to sleep.
Without feeling it, Iona fell asleep too.
In the morning, Iona was the first to wake up, looking at her companion, rolled in a ball of fur, his tail moving from time to time as to signify “This one's alive, don't throw Khajiit away!”. Thinking about a scene where Khajiits would disturb each others in their sleep, letting one end with the tale of another in the mouth, made Iona smile, and almost laugh, if not for her trying to hold it.
“What so funny?” asked Mah'ika, eyes still closed and now stretching by extending his whole self against the ground.
“Nothing.” responded Iona, still holding a laugh with difficulty, because of the cat-like habits of her dark-furred companion. “Let's resume our way.” she managed to add.

By noon, they arrived at Cheydinhal. The city was about as big as Riften, only the sewer's smell was missing.
“So, what are we searching for?” asked the Khajiit.
“A clue to let us find Lawhawk.”
“Like the sign of a hawk on the side of a statue representing the champion of the oblivion crisis?”
“Exactly... wait what?!” Said Iona turning to see the statue. “Where did you saw it?” she asked trying to spot the hawk.
“Here, come where Mah'ika stand.”
Iona did as asked and saw that a very simple bird form appeared on this particular angle on the statue.
“Maybe if we follow the beak of it...” proposed the Khajiit.
The two followed the direction shown by the sign and ended up facing a well.
Looking down in it, Iona said “We can't see a thing in here...”
“Allow this one...” said Mah'ika, holding himself on the well while he used his Khajiit's night vision, to see inside it.
After few seconds, he let loose of his hold. Upon hearing a splash and a cat like cry, she seriously wondered about the well-being of the thief.
“You can come down, just know that it's a good fall.” finally said Mah'ika.
Searching for any living souls around her, Iona finally jumped down. Landing in a small layer of water. Her knees took a good hit, fortunately for her, she still recover pretty quickly from injuries.
“It's pitch black, can't see anything.” said Iona.
“Hold onto Mah'ika.” answered the Khajiit.
Moving her arms everywhere, trying to find her comrade, Iona finally got hold on something fluffy.
“That's this one's ears...”
The cat-man let out a sigh and took Iona's hand to lead her through a tunnel.
They finally arrived at a lit up place.
Blinded by the light, Iona tried to let her eyes adjust to it.
She soon saw a big cave, big enough to hold about half Cheydinhal in it. Inside it was a lot of people, looking like they were working. Walking in it, dumbfounded by the view, they got stopped by a brown Khajiit. “Are you new here?” he asked.
“Quite, we're searching for someone who call himself, the Lawha-”
Iona couldn't even finished her sentence, the Khajiit already had his dagger pointed at her as Mah'ika had his own pointed at the other's belly.
“Nice one.” he said.
“He could return the compliment.” answered Mah'ika, another dagger just up his head.
Putting the dagger away with her finger, Iona said, “We're not here to fight, I'm here to talk with Lawhawk, is he here.” the Nord and the Khajiit held looks for long seconds while Mah'ika felt a little forgotten, still pointing his dagger.
“Follow me.” finally said the other, putting his daggers away.
They arrived in another part of the cave. Here, was a nord woman around a table, looking at a map of Cyrodiil.
“What is it, Sa'shar?” she asked without lifting her eyes.
“Those two wants to see you.” answered the Khajiit, leaving.
Lifting her head, her piercing blue eyes looked right at Iona's, like she was reading her soul.
Iona couldn't say a word, facing such a stunning being. She saw her share of fights, as could witness her marked face, but still, she was beautiful, a deadly flower. Unlike Iona, the flower looked like she was born with thorns.
“Spit it out.” she ordered.
Iona snapped out of it by lightly shacking her head, “We're here to seek your help. I'm I-”
“Iona Northsan, I know. What help might the rogue Stormcloak need from bitter twilight?” cut the Lawhawk.
“Help to free High Rock, Skyrim and finally, to fight against the Thalmors.”
The woman looked at Iona in the eyes again, analyzing her soul.
“Skyrim is already free.”
“It's not. Ulfric is closing everything, cut from allies and defending his own fortress of madness, trapping his people and sentencing them to death.”
“So that's true. The wrench's death got him mad?” mocked Lawhawk.
“I beg you pardon? What did you call her?” said Iona, all ready to explode.
“And now, that's a look I like!” smiled the Lawhawk as Mah'ika felt he better stand aside. “I was talking about the bitch's death that got Ulfric mad.”
“Raarg!!!” screamed Iona, launching a punch at her.
Lawhawk easily caught it and headbutted Iona, making her fall on her butt. “That all you got little one?” she mocked.
Iona launched herself again, once more, her enemy caught her fist, but got headbutted instead this time.
Lawhawk got a little disoriented by the hit. That let Iona enough time to deal a powerful blow to her face. Unfortunately, Lawhawk had the time to recover and used her thick forehead to receive the punch. Iona, now dealing with a pretty strong pain in her fingers, didn't saw her enemy's next move. Lawhawk caught Iona's face with only one hand and pushed violently downward, making Iona's rear skull hurt the ground bad.
Mah'ika have had enough staying idle. He prepared to unsheathe his daggers, but Lawhawk responded with a “Don't think about it, Kitty. That's a talk between your master and me” pointing a white rapier sword at him.
While she was distracted by the Khajiit, Iona unstrapped and used her shield to bash Lawhawk away. Destabilizing her, Iona got up and said, “You want to go with weapons? Let's see what you got.” preparing her axe as well.
Lawhawk smiled and responded with a fighting stance.
Followed something that Mah'ika couldn't believe, Lawhawk had a stunning speed with her rapier, but still, Iona blocked all her strike with even more speed and precision.
Her opponent began to feel tired while Iona, her, was still ready. Lawhawk had enough of this, she decided to make a single strike. Launching herself with her sword, Iona made the rapier's pointy end slide at her side while she, aimed her axe for the head. Stopping few centimeters from Lawhawk's neck.
Lawhawk looked disappointed, “Why stopping?”
“It pains me... but I still need you.”
“You'll get my help, but first, Cyrodiil must be freed, you're in?”
“You're in luck, it's tomorrow. Stay for the night. Sa'shar!”
At the hearing of his name, the Khajiit from earlier came in.
“Show them the armory for their weapons and armors and lead them somewhere to sleep.” ordered Lawhawk. She tuned to Iona, “We'll talk again tomorrow morning.” she ended.
Death of the Dragonborn part 4
Iona get help of the thief guild of Riften, but what of how she'll get in Cyrodiil
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